*Warning it does contain a few spoilers if you're playing the Bleedout campaign*.

Crime Craft Story Overview

It began with a disaster unlike any humanity had ever faced. The details of what exactly occurred remain unclear, but its results were rapid and widespread. In the aftermath of this global crisis, the world’s energy reserves were devastated. The magnitude of the predicament faced by humanity was amplified by a series of crippling natural disasters that occurred almost simultaneously with the energy collapse. Worse still, governments around the world drained resources like never before in reaction to these events, but the aid they offered came to little end. Instead of solving the crisis, this gargantuan consumption by the world’s governments exacerbated its effects, leaving millions homeless across the planet.

The US stock market crashed to record lows, on a day called “The Last Black Friday”. So catastrophic was the fall that many believed the market would never recover, and it precipitated the worst economic crisis in US history. Investment firms and banks lost billions. The majority of the large corporations that survived the initial shock were forced to cut jobs, leaving millions of US workers unemployed and deepening the crisis. Farming and produce prices fell as commodity prices plummeted. Jobs were few and far between.

The economic collapse in the US continued unabated for over a year, with all government efforts to stem the destruction coming to naught. Outraged by the failure of the federal government to resolve the situation, citizens staged nationwide protests that all too often descended into riots, looting, and other acts of violence. Already struggling under the weight of the economic collapse, the federal government was unable to overcome the wide-spread hysteria of the citizenry, precipitating a national emergency. In the midst of this chaos, gangs and crime organizations were able to freely exert themselves on the streets of the nation’s cities and towns, plunging the nation even more deeply into a state of lawlessness. Businesses were plundered, homes were destroyed, and the once great cities of the US became war zones. Paramilitary organizations and corporate security forces also took advantage of the power vacuum, and the country could no longer hold together. As the federal government disintegrated, the nation was quickly divided up by the most powerful warlords, creating new nations and new frontiers.

Left isolated against the growing violence, local governments and their sapped police forces struggled to retain their authority. In desperation, many local governments erected walls around their cities, hoping to keep the violence from consuming them whole as they struggled to build an autonomous economy. Small, well-guarded safe areas were created where privileged citizens and businesses could live away from the violent fringes of the city.

While the walls kept the violence of gang warfare out of the city, the lives of everyone had changed forever. Gangs and violence were now a way of life. In an effort to retain a semblance of normalcy, a strict code of non-violence was mandated within the walls of every city, even as the world outside the walls was ruled by gangs who governed with bullets and blood.

Sunrise City

Like many other cities which still survive in this dangerous era, crime and violence are the normal way of life in Sunrise City. With the exception of the walled off interior, this once thriving beachfront metropolis has become a dangerous, crime-infested ghetto. Nearly everyone who enters the city carries a weapon with them, even though they all know that to draw a weapon in the safe zones means certain death at the hands of municipal police forces.

The streets of Sunrise City are controlled by a tenuous alliance between the corrupt Municipality and six powerful gangs. This unusual alliance has proven to be a boon to Sunrise City, as it has allowed the ruling cadre a means to control the myriad economic interests in the city in one way or another. Manufacturing sites, construction, the shipyards, indeed practically all things which enter or leave the city, pass through the hands of one of the six gangs. Collectively, they have managed to keep the city free of influence by the paramilitary and corporate forces that have taken over other cities. The alliance has not been without its benefits, however. Enriched by the spoils of their cooperation with the municipality, many senior gang members now live within the city, commanding their army of foot-soldiers in the unending war against shared threats on the fringes of the city.

Our Players

With corporate and military enclaves off limits, and the North Burgs too far to reach on foot, gangs of toughs throughout the wastes bring it to Sunrise City to make a name for themselves....

Build a gang, earn a reputation, and kill the competition. Welcome to Sunrise City.

Story Details

Sunrise City is a city like any other in this modern world, a city on the brink of total panic. Within the walls, people continue to try to lead a “normal” life, pretending that all is well. They go to work, go shopping, view the ads on the buildings and dine out. Beneath this façade, however, people live in a state of perpetual fear. Deep inside, the citizenry knows that Sunrise City teeters on the brink of destruction. Every day, they face total societal and economic collapse. In this regard, it’s just like every other city in America.

Unlikely Heroes
Before the collapse, crime in Sunrise City was controlled by six rival crime families. In response to the global crisis, the six leaders of the gangs called a summit under Don Nunzio Bianchi, to discuss their approach to the new situation in the world:

The Bianchi Family, an Italian mafia family, are led by Don Nunzio “The Hook” Bianchi and are considered to be the original gangsters of Sunrise City.

The Midtown Square Disciples (AKA MSD-187), an urban gang specializing in weapon and drug smuggling, are led by Gerome Mills, and have been a force in the Sunrise City underworld for decades.

The Two-Five of Trenchtown, an offshoot of a centuries old London gang, is led by Myron Funt. Though the organization dates back at least 600 years, the Two-Five are relative newcomers to the city. They are extremely well organized and dangerously cunning. Myron’s right hand man, Louis Ockley, ensures that the Two-Five operation continues to expand.

The Tscinoto Dragons, a crime organization from Tokyo and Hong Kong with a tradition of honor and violence, are led by the most powerful of all gang leaders in Sunrise City, Kazuki Oyanagi. They have held a place in Sunrise City for generations, predominantly in the Downtown area.

The Bratva, a ruthless, tough gang of displaced warriors hailing from Moscow, is led by Arkady Kravchenko. They have maintained a steady presence in the city since the late 1980’s.

The Sons of Liberty, an ultranationalist militant organization loyal to the American heritage, are led by Belinda Dering and formed only recently in response to the collapse of the nation. Now led by JD Larson the strong, God-fearing leader of the Sons. He wants to work with the Municipality to prosecute the other five Factions for their 'crimes against the people'.

You Get Yours, I Get Mine
Despite the fact that they all had their own agendas, the six factions reached a tenuous agreement: a truce would be maintained in the City’s Civil Defense Zones, and they would offer their services to the municipality, braving the streets outside the walls in order to ensure the continued influx of supplies into the city. In return, the gangs expected to have a free hand to operate within the city, making as much money as they could while keeping to the ban on violence within the walls.
Fully aware that human civilization was itself on the brink of collapse, these six gangs acted to ensure themselves a position of power within the new order, each trying to corner as much legitimate power as it could in the city’s warzones. Their grand plan for power agreed upon, the gangs concluded their meeting by sending a secretly appointed messenger to deliver word of their offer to the Municipality, which also found itself in a state of conflict.

Crisis: City Hall
The disintegration of the United States dealt a harsh blow to most local governments, and the municipal government of Sunrise City was no exception. The total loss of communication with Washington or New York led to an ever increasing concern regarding the value of people’s money. Spurred by these worries over the economic viability of the currency, the Municipality quickly engaged in a frantic stockpiling of medicine, fuel, food, and other supplies.

Mayor Oscar Cartagena, a former real-estate developer, had been in the pocket of venture capitalist Santiago Baron for years. However, in the panic, Baron disappeared and Cartagena begun battening the hatches in a panicked response to a lack of authority. Indeed, due to the vacuum of power, the Mayor and his cabinet had begun meeting with corporate leaders from a variety of companies in an effort to prevent the shrinking of the safe territory within the walls and to reduce the increasing danger in the Civil Defense Zones. However, the toll many of these companies wished to extort from the Mayor was substantial, leaving him with limited options.

Ultimately, then, the messenger from the city’s underworld might prove to be just what the Mayor needs to weather the storm.

City on the Brink
This city is a city in violent conflict, a teetering facade of normalcy that will crumble into chaos at the slightest provocation. It’s all about getting as much as you can while you can still get it... because who knows what tomorrow’s going to look like?

Outside Sunrise City
The world outside Sunrise City’s Civil Defense Zones is a no-man’s land where the gun is all the law there is. There are many gangs in the ‘Outside’, those stretches of suburbia that once connected the cities and townships. These gangs fight a continual battle against the remnants of the American and state governments, as well as against very well supplied mega-corporations that are attempting to create a new world order in which they reign supreme. They prowl the interstates and highways preparing ambushes and attacks against armored convoys that ferry precious goods from city-state to city-state, and thus are a threat to the survival of every city, including Sunrise City.

The most powerful gang found in the areas immediately surrounding Sunrise City is the Rogues. These violent, practically feral individuals actively attack the outskirts of the city, even attempting to stage organized assaults on the city-proper on more than one occasion. More than any other group, the Rogues present the most immediate threat to the future survival of Sunrise City, and it is this threat which the six gangs within the city walls have allied to combat.

The Rogues
The Rogues are a huge organization of the forgotten people who had the misfortune of living in the industrial zones surrounding Sunrise City when the walls were constructed. Ravaged by famine, disease and the elements, the Rogues have scraped together a violent, aggressive community from the scraps of the old city, and have turned their attention to striking back at Sunrise City to secure supplies, weapons, and medicines. The Rogues are ruthless murderers and thieves who respect only one code of conduct: the guy with the biggest gun wins. Their goals are as simple as their code of conduct: to accumulate as much firepower as possible in order to sow conflict, bloodshed and destruction wherever they go.

Rogue leadership changes frequently as leaders rise and are killed, whether in battles with the Municipality or in conflict with other up and coming leaders. The current leader is a murderous veteran of the Rogues known only as Hannibal. Through many victories against rivals across the many battles that have plagued the Outside in the years immediately following the collapse, Hannibal has proven to be a significant force in the Rogue organization and a serious threat to the Municipality. A charismatic and authoritarian leader, he has transformed the animalistic Rogues into an efficient militant force capable of conducting strategic strikes at Municipality weapon and medical stores. The result has changed the perception of the Rogues. No longer are the Rogues viewed as a rag-tag group of miscreants. Rather, they are now seen as a serious Outside gang, which has helped to swell Rogue ranks to all time high numbers.

The Rogues are currently organized in the following manner:

• Hannibal: The leader of the Rogues, Hannibal lords over the lesser divisions of the Rogue organization.

• Rupture Squad: This is Hannibal’s crack assault squad. The Rupture Squad is the best armed and armored. Hannibal uses them not only for his personal protection but also as his primary method of striking at the Municipality.

• The Corps: The Corps is organized around the remnants of an old military detachment which has joined up with the Rogues. With this hard leadership, the Corps has taken the most violent and deadly Rogue members and forged them into a powerful force. The Corps is feared throughout Sunrise City, and Hannibal encourages them to dazzle him with news of their exploits.

• Death Dealers: The majority of the Rogue troops fall under the Death Dealer flag. These are the soldiers, the drug dealers, and the minions of the Rogue gang.

Weapon Corporations in Crimecraft

Hargan Corporation
Hargan Corporation is one of the youngest of the major weapon companies, having only come into existence in the last ten years. The brainchild of retired Army Ranger, Col. Jackson Hargan, and his team of dedicated ex-military professionals, Hargan Corporation is focused on producing the best quality military-oriented hardware in the world. Their rocket launchers, shotguns and LMGs are nearly unsurpassed, and their development is focused on getting the most reliable and powerful weapons in the hands of those who need them.

The origins of Hargan Corporation are grounded in Col. Hargan’s extensive military experience. During his decades-long service in the Army, Col. Hargan’s status as a member of the Army Rangers saw him fighting in some of the worst places in the world with some of the most destructive firepower at his side. His career saw him fighting in South America, in Asia and in Europe.

It was during fighting in a campaign against insurgent forces in Mexico that he first became interested in creating bigger, better and more reliable hardware for use by the world’s military and corporate security forces. With his Ranger team under heavy fire from enemy forces, the Colonel ordered a rocket team to take out an emplacement. Unfortunately, the rocket launcher carried by his team had been slightly damaged in the gunfight, and this slight damage to a minor component caused wild inaccuracies in the firing of the weapon.

By the time his rocket team was able to compensate for the misfiring weapon, his team had lost two men. Losing men under such circumstances infuriated Col. Hargan, to the point that he demanded an investigation into the weapon’s design. In the course of this investigation, he discovered that the addition of another minor layer of armor plating, which would cost the manufacturer less than $1.00 per unit, would have entirely protected the rocket launcher’s balance and targeting system.

This investigation led to Col. Hargan demanding that the government pursue charges against the manufacturer for negligence, but this demand was refused. Nearing an opportunity to retire, Col. Hargan took it, deciding that if his government wouldn’t put this company out of business, he would. Using his extensive contacts throughout the world, Col. Hargan quickly built up a group of the best military minds and designers in the world, and set his sights on the enemy: Steelband Technologies. Within 10 years, Col. Hargan’s determination and military focus not only led to the elimination of Steelband as a company, but also to the rise of the corporation which shares his name to be among the most powerful of manufacturers.


A scientific company that made its way into weapon manufacturing in an effort to minimize collateral damage caused by poor weapon design, R-Sys has been at the forefront of the weapons industry for twenty-five years. Founded by the current CEO’s mentor, Dr. Alasdair Thompson, R-Sys was hired in its early days by the US government to figure out a way to properly deliver new technology systems for use on the battlefield. From healing nanotechnology to advanced sonic suppression systems, R-Sys’ job was to solve the problems which kept these technologies from the battlefield. This research dovetailed well with efforts to mitigate the extreme damage done by inefficient weapon design or faulty training which Dr. Thompson had been spearheading at his own firm. He was particularly interested in researching and improving upon the highly inefficient grenade launcher systems that were typically only used as attachments to other weapons.

This interest eventually led to the establishment of a weapons division. Over five years, R-Sys worked to develop an effective prototype of a grenade launcher which could more effectively deliver the payload to its target with greater range and precision. This weapon system also delivered more focused damage and reduced the chances of charges going awry and injuring bystanders. Ostensibly, R-Sys had created the most advanced grenade launcher in the world. However, their clients in the US military, did not share their exuberance. In their opinion, the weapon was too efficient, its numerous protective features a drawback to a weapon whose purpose should be to wreak havoc.

Undaunted, R-Sys was at this time powerful enough to assert control over the technology. They made their weapon system available to other clients and security forces, and were pleasantly surprised by the response. The overwhelming success of their initial foray into weapon design led to an increased demand that they apply their expertise to other systems. Over time, they have developed improved versions of the standard Pistol and SMG. To this day, R-Sys maintains the ideals of its founder, and under the leadership of his protégé, Dr. Steven MacIntyre, they continue to look for ways to improve and expand their services.

Exeter SPE
Exeter SPE is one of the oldest of the worldwide weapon manufacturers, and has been headed by a scion of the Dulcette family since its founding over a century ago by the family patriarch, Betrand Dulcette. Until recently, this company was a niche manufacturer of minor importance, but the aggressive modernization strategy of new CEO Alysonde Dulcette, the now 28-year old heiress of the family, has catapulted the company to the top in terms of both prestige and quality. Previously known primarily for elegantly designed weapons that lacked real punch, the company has greatly shifted focus under Ms. Dulcette’s guidance, and is now known for backing their elegant designs with bleeding edge technological sophistication. Their sniper rifles, shotguns and SMGs are by far among the best in the world.

For most of its history, Exeter was a niche player, primarily selling its weapons to French security forces. During its first twenty years, the company’s founder forcefully fought against his company’s “dilution” by creating weapons for outside markets, and this isolationist tendency took root at the company for many years. It was not until the passing away of the previous CEO, Lucas Dulcette, that the situation began to change. At that time, the only heir to the family, and thus the company, was Lucas’ young daughter, Alysonde, who appeared to be little more than just a jet-setting rich girl with no interest in the company. The board saw an opportunity to take control of the company for themselves.

Alysonde would have none of this, since it was still her family’s company. In the span of a few days, she shed much of the nightclub vixen image she cultivated and fought with all her power to keep the company under her control. She presented the would-be usurpers with a plan to streamline and improve the company. She explained that, with her talents, contacts and youthful image, the company would quickly expand its reach from a small but important niche player to a corporation of world-spanning influence. In the end, she narrowly managed to retain control of the company, and has since set about executing her plan with a ruthless ferocity. In the four years since she has taken over the firm, Exeter has grown exponentially, cutting deals with many top technology firms to ensure that she always has the best weapon systems available in the weapons that are her family’s heritage.

Oslo Ordnance
Hailing from the frigid north of Norway, Oslo Ordnance has been slowly building a reputation of excellence for fifty years. Having been the primary supplier of armaments to the militaries of Scandinavia, they have developed highly efficient weaponry capable of withstanding the simultaneous stresses of the harsh elements and battle wear and tear. Their pistols, SMGs and LMGs are among the sturdiest in the world, but this fact was hidden from the world for many years, as the company had never made much effort to expand beyond its sphere of influence in Scandinavia.

This all changed very quickly, however, as the onset of the global meltdown helped catapult Oslo to prominence. Their global successes began in a dark hour, with the invasion of Finland by Russian separatists. In that brief war, Russian separatist forces waging a bloody campaign against the government in Moscow crossed into Finland with a force of 10,000 men. Seeking a safe haven from which to base their operations, the Russian forces had expected to quickly storm the Finnish capital and hold it hostage.

Between them and Helsinki was a force of Finnish soldiers 3,000 strong, armed with Oslo Ordnance weapons. That small force held the line against the advance of the Russians, ultimately routing them completely in the Battle of Kotka. Reports from the battlefield indicated that the Oslo Ordnance weapons wielded by the defenders were surprisingly resilient in the cold weather, retaining their accuracy and power, while the invaders’ weapons failed frequently. This disparity allowed the Finnish soldiers to drive away the Russians with only 100 casualties, while enemy losses were in the thousands.

This astounding performance on the battlefield was the first true test of Oslo Ordnance’s weapons in battle, and its weapons passed with flying colors. In the six years since that event, demand for their hardware has skyrocketed, and they are now among the world’s most influential weapons companies.

Jericho Systems
Jericho Systems has long had a singular goal in mind: achieving maximum destruction with a minimum of material. No other company in the world has focused so exclusively on creating weapons capable of being held in the palm of your hand that also have the power to obliterate cities. To that end, Jericho has focused on advancing weapons technology for rocket and grenade launchers, though they have also been long known for crafting the single most effective pistol in the world, the Jericho Cataclysm. Their intense focus on efficient destruction has made Jericho one of the most in-demand weapon manufacturers in the world. It has also made them one of the most controversial companies on the planet.

A recent example of the controversy surrounding Jericho involves two of their most destructive weapons. Jericho had perfected the EMD, or Ecophagic Munitions Device, and the GDG, or Gravitational Dissonance Gun. Both of these ultra-powerful weapons were meant only to be used as last resort options in times of war, but all it took was for one to fall into the wrong hands.

Individual units of each of these weapons were inadvertently captured by American secessionist forces in the battles which broke out after the collapse, and were deployed against American forces by the rebellion in the Battle of Miami. That which was not leveled by the GDG, which shredded everything caught in its beam on an atomic level, was consumed in a massive eruption of nanobots when the EMD was deployed. In that single battle, a half a million people lost their lives and the city of Miami was devastated. The ruins of the city still crackle with a shadowy instability, a permanent legacy of the massive power of Jericho’s weapon systems and unswerving focus on maximum destruction.

Though production of these weapons ceased and remaining systems were apparently destroyed after the events of Miami, Jericho continues to unceasingly pursue their aims. Their complete certitude and non-chalance about the havoc they sow makes them both incredibly dangerous and hugely popular at the same time.

Cabrese S.p.A.
Cabrese S.p.A is a relatively new Italian company founded forty years ago by Achille Cabrese, who sought to develop powerful weapons for use by the Italian police force and military. With most of his family serving to protect the country against powerful crime families, young Achille grew frustrated with the ineffective hardware wielded by the police against far better equipped criminals.

It angered him to know how easily these illegal organizations acquired deadly weapons, in contravention of the law, and how terrible the results were when these weapons were used against less well-armed law enforcement. Turning his attentions to leveling the playing field, his company has focused on powerful anti-personnel weapons, and their sniper rifles, grenade launchers and assault rifles are among the world’s best.

Cabrese’s decision came during the great civil unrest during the last major period of Mafia Wars in Italy, a time in which violence had grown out of control and threatened to consume the nation. Achille personally learned of the devastation such wars caused, when his village came under attack against a heavily armed force of thugs. Not only did these thugs slaughter every last member of the police force, who were so outmatched in terms of hardware that they barely stalled the advance of the attackers, the criminals set about leveling whole areas of the town with their rockets and grenades.

The irony of the situation in the world today is not lost on the now aged Signore Cabrese. He acknowledges that his company, whose mission began so nobly, is now one of the leading manufacturers of weapons in a world gone to hell, his weapons sought after by police and criminals alike. However, when asked about the situation, he notes with a measure of hope that, whatever madness the world brings, his company will remain dedicated to trying to keep the field of battle level for those who would try to defend humanity from its own worst tendencies.

Black Sea Armaments

A World-renowned military weapons manufacturer, Black Sea Armaments has roots in the Cold War Soviet Union, and to this day, it retains the vestiges of that era’s military tradition. Always drawing its leadership from military heroes of the Slavic states, Black Sea Armaments has focused on honoring the proud traditions of the armies who have fought to protect the lands around the Black Sea for centuries. The company has been famous for many weapons throughout its history, but today it is known for crafting some of the best core military hardware in the world, including assault rifles, LMGs and rocket launchers.

Based in Odessa, Ukraine, BSA is currently led by retired Major General Anatoli Vasnychikov, the most famous of the Ukrainian generals who resisted an attempted coup against the democratic government by a resurgent Communist movement fomented by the Chinese ten years ago. Gen. Vasnychikov was the commander of the military force in Odessa and fought to keep the headquarters and production facilities of BSA from falling into the hands of the enemy. After securing the city from the insurgent forces, he also led the march to Kiev, personally commanding the force which stormed the city and routed the attempted usurpers.

Since becoming leader of the company, Gen. Vasnychikov has focused on ensuring that the long-held traditions of honor and courage are upheld, and he personally involves himself in the design of most new weapons. Additionally, he has involved BSA in political and military crises around the world, morphing the firm into a quasi-security force, almost as much as a weapons manufacturer and wielding almost as much power as some nations unto themselves.

Valley Forge Armaments

A take-no-prisoners, nationalistic American company, Valley Forge Armaments has built a reputation for crafting high-quality weapons with the best materials, with a throwback design aesthetic. VFA was founded as a small gunsmith in the early years of American independence, and remained a small, family run enterprise for two hundred years. In that time, they steadily built a reputation for crafting high quality shotguns, assault rifles and sniper rifles.

However, the small family based nature of the company would change after a series of attacks on American soil. In response to the growing threat they perceived from both without and within the country, the New York based firm decided that it would step up its production, offering its elite, hand-crafted quality to the US military at a steep discount over other companies. This effort quickly enabled them to grow in importance and power, and they have used this to their advantage. Further, like the far away Black Sea Armaments, CEO Steven Greyson decided that weapon manufacturing would not be enough; he began developing local militias around the United States, who were sworn to protect the country against any hostile threat by any means necessary.

Valley Forge and its CEO both have a reputation for being ultranationalistic, but it is uncertain that this is part of a company mythos, or a true political alignment. Seeing as the company apparently has little issue with some foreign governments making use of their weapons, it is an open question as to whether VFA and Mr. Greyson put profits or homeland first. Regardless of the true motives of the company, there is one thing that is abundantly clear: VFA is focused to making top quality weapon hardware, and will proudly stamp a “Made in the USA” symbol on it.