the low number is ruining everything instead of fixing everyone left tg to go to sky so now game is just like 12sky1, 3 clans not 4

but what is causing low number, even more, worse is current prices and low stuff(non-existing) don't encourage any new players or even returning players, it's old game yes and most playing are just old players but months ago i passed by supposed to be new player(from the way he talked not a normal beggar) and had no idea how to help or what to say and there could be some others joining and leaving, few stay. even my friend doesn't wish to come back.

imagine for example 1 of items about 5+ players need at same time, this item comes from events only, fair price 600-650m maybe 750, of course with demand jumped 900-1b. so then people run with 10+ alts to compensate demand and fix good price (and could get blacklisted in middle) so then some of max/almost max think everyone is alt and try to stop because they dont care if this item is on demand they dont need just dont want alts or people around.
and it's not just 1 item, but few others and some don't come from events.

sometimes you have cash ready and everything instead of waiting for events just need seller but there's usually no sellers, no new players or enough people getting stuff since almost all already own those items, and without those stuff you can literally do nothing because current state is like pvp most are close to max no equal chances.

this isn't QQ i don't care i can stay afk or just leave and come back few months later its just market and game is dead and some of us busy so with current state it will just take about 1-3 years to catch up counting solely on events unless you can afford mokens but you would pay more than double and still need some of those missing items instead of saving mokens for other items. this might discourage many from joining/coming back.

i don't know what might work, i was told there isn't anyone working on game anymore to provide new stuff to revive game fun but maybe
including more stuff with CP conversions?
challenging events with missing low/non existing items? this might encourage some to play more?
including some in NPC?
more advertising for game?

it's great that the server is still working all those years after aeria and DDOS but i wish it was more alive, the only thing i truly miss from aeria is the huge number of players we might never get close but at least a bit more will be more fun and fix all missing items issue.