Greetings MAYN Gamers,

We have a new Outpost event with a great prizes! Event will last 10 days.
For each day you join Muo Outpost, you will get 1 point.

Event Period

Starts: 20 February 2021 Saturday 00:00 GMT
Ends: 3 March 2021 Wednesday 23:59 GMT
Give Outs: after 4 March 2021

How Do I Participate?

- Spend at least 5 minutes in Muo Outpost each day to win prizes!
- Earn 1 point for joining for each day!
- Each account can earn a maximum of 1 point per day!
- Accumulate points to automatically redeem prizes according to your points
- One account can only qualify for one prize redemption for that amount of points.
- The day starts at 00:00 GMT hours and ends at 23:59 hours GMT
- Outpost War includes Muo Outpost only.
- Prizes will not be issued if there is suspicion or evidence of event exploitation

Stay in Muo Outpost war for 5 minutes to earn 1 point for each day.

Accumulate more points to automatically redeem prizes (auto deposit into vault)!


10 Points: 2x Fire Elixir (SP)
9 Points: 2x Wind Elixir (SP)
8 Points: 2x Snow Elixir (SP)
7 Points: 2x Ice Elixir (SP)
6 Points: 2x Blaze Elixir (SP)
5 Points: Kirin Scale
4 Points:
Imperial Pardon
3 Points: Calabash (S)
2 Points:
Reinforce Talisman
1 Points:
Chivalry Talisman

Prize Give Outs

Activity and point information will be collected and posted at the end of the event.

Prizes will be given out at the end of the event according to your collected amount of points.

Please feel free to post below or send a support ticket to if you have any questions.