This is a very good patch and i'm proud to say that this will indeed bring back some of the old players. One Suggestion I have and I don't know if it is already implemented but it would be very very good to bind Class Token to Account, meaning you can put them in ATM if you wanted to transfer them to another character; but NOT completely unbind them for other players to sell.

Many of us have stopped using certain classes after nerfs and changes to a extent on other characters. Some players use only ONE character for PvE and since the classes he/she would have used before Class Changes is no longer fun to use, he/she could use to buy classes on a different character which would help focus balance if he/she needed the extra coins on his main/alt.

Me and others believe this is a very good suggestion, reply back and tell me what you think as i believe this would bring back even more characters who feel they have been "cheated" by class nerfs.