look at this wonderful examples to show you how this game is unfair:

1st: you (new player) have to pay 40k to a gun on AH and then you realize that gun isnt apropriate for you or you simply dont like it...simple (dont like dont buy it!)>>yeah but how i can know if i like without buy it?
i can sell that gun to a diferent player ? NO!(bound??why ??)

2nd: classes any1 can buy a class and upgrade it (beside the high COST and the high upkeep) classes are great bcz you can make a good ammount of money spending less than custom profiles (on low level classes)
so i login into game and i decide to buy one class at maximum level(+/-3M)(upkeep cost 2.7k)
with a premium account you get 1K of cash (not always) normal account you pay 2.4k (o.0)

3rd: i know a guy with smoker lvl 1 who spends money instead of earn money to compete(normal account)

My point is: why we can't have a test guns and classes feature?
i know all the guns and i tried each of them with a lot of costs for no reason
some things you should do :
1st possibility to test all the guns feature like in prologue (fully attached!) even 1-2 minutes of test
2nd possibility test each level of classes
why? look do you think im going to spend more than 3M ingame cash to test it?
nevermind some guys do but this is what this game needs
i spent 250k on smoker and then i realize that class isnt that good as i though so pls make possible to test:guns, clothes and classes and boosts
this bring something good GM's no to newbies only but for all the players
we need to test what we are buying sometimes with goldbars