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Scroll I : Traitor

As we leave our previous homes seeking the truth, We come to Find the Truth. The beginning of a new era Spawned by a previous one. The long lived days of Loyalty to the Three great nations have been Severed.

As we embark on our journey, we become outcasts, traitors.
but we feel no pain for those who have branded us, for it is the very Reason We decide to sever our ties. We who can no longer take The sorrow of our pasts, We come forth to Create a New Beginning, Handed down from the very Heavens in the sky. No longer, can we handle our different points of views with our former comrades. We, Who Challenge a new Era, Shall rise when only the fallen are forgotten.

My Brothers, Sisters, Though Heed my Warning,
"Those who follow the path of clouds, May never Fall. for this is the will of the gods."

This Era, Brings a New Meaning To the Value of Regimes. A new value, To The Power of Unification. By Starting forth this new Era we not only Better ourselves, But to all of those who walk under the Sun. By Bringing forth this Era, All Sides must make a choice, To Stand Together or to fade away into the Darkness.

Scroll II ::: The Man in The Mask

"In the Darkness, Only truth will see the light"

Within Yourself you long to see the past, But are forced to hide your shame. To go back means certain death as we can never be accepted. I give you this mask, and This Hat, so you may hide your tears. Within the lands of the Forgotten snow you shall find your glory, but at a price. its time to make a choice, remorse, or bring forth this new era, for the greater good. The oath you've sworn is set in stone, and cannot be broken. Now, Go forth and assert our will.

Although the enemy has weakened, You musn't Underestimate them. No, You must fight as Equals, As You Know The truth Behind There strength. Its Time to Develop our own nation and break apart from the world. With this mask, And this sword, you shall Bring forth the new from shedding blood of the old.

have no fear, feel no pain. Death is swift, and blind.

Scroll III ::: the Bloodshed

As the Blood runs dry through your very veins, You must never surrender. Never admit Defeat. for every drop of blood, for every drop of Sweat, a new foothold gained towards the new era is set.

Never show remorse.

They may be your brothers, your family, but no longer are they allies.
To be within sky clan is to be Abandoned children, lost in the way of the world, to only find guidance. Even now, as we approach our enemy borders, we have fought,

and will fight.

The blood shall fall from the sky, as tears fall from the stars. The unfilled graves will finally have a meaning, as we bury our foes ourselves. With these bare hands we shall build our nation, and show the world we are not afraid.

we will never fall, as sky can only rise.

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ooo i really liked that, gives goose bumps lol

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Excellent, keep it up.


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very very nice :) nice to read to not so long texted alinea's maybe more text next time when u know more about us traitors :P ?

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awesome dude :D keep it commin :P

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thanks gaizzzz lol.. yah i write new peices to this as the game goes on ^^. i take something from ingame and turn it into a storie :-{D

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ncie story i like it :mrgreen:

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i will finally be continuing this soon after months of waiting.

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