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12Sky2.com Forum Community Rules of Conduct (CROC)
Your use of the website (“Website”) provided by MAYN Interactive, Pte Ltd. (“MAYN”) constitutes your agreement to the following guidelines (“Community Rules of Conduct”), which apply to all facets of the website (i.e. forums, profiles, avatars, signatures, image submission, user generated content, and including, without limitation, the private messages that you send via this site, which MAYN staff has the ability to read).

MAYN is not responsible for any messages posted on the forums. All messages are opinions expressed by those of the authors who accept full liability for their posts. Please contact our moderators if you find any post to be offensive. If we decide that removal of a post is necessary, we will attempt to do so in a timely manner. While MAYN endeavors to provide an open environment of discussion within the limits of the Community Rules of Conduct, we cannot promise that all offensive posts will be found and removed in a specific time frame.

The terms listed below are not all-inclusive, and are subject to change without notice. Exceptions to these Guidelines may be made on a case-by-case basis, depending on what is in the best interests of the community as a whole.

As a member of this forum, you agree to the following guidelines:
1. Posts: You will not post material that you believe to be inaccurate, false, or misleading. You will not personally attack another poster or use information gathered on the forums to harass other guests. If you disagree with an opinion or idea, there is no reason to become hostile.

1a. Offensive Content: You will not create posts that are abusive and/or offensive. You will not use avatars or post links to websites or images that contain and/or make reference to illicit mind-altering drugs, pornography, racism, graphic violence and/or illegal (2d.) content. In addition, for the benefit of all, no discussion on religion and politics will be allowed either. You will not attempt to sneak around the censor filter by using net-speak. Guests who do so will have their post(s) removed and their accounts terminated immediately.

1b. Profanities: You will not use profanity or vulgarity in any language nor link to websites that contain such references. Posts that subvert the rules by employing net-speak will not be tolerated.

1c. Solicitation: You will not use your forum membership to engage in any form of advertisement or gold-selling scheme. You will not attempt to post messages or use the private message system to collect and/or request for the personal information of our guests for any reason whatsoever. You will not post or use the private message system to lure guests away to another website or forum that is in competition with MAYN Interactive. Guests who do so will have their post(s) removed and their accounts terminated immediately.

1d. Relevance: Keep posts related to the topic at hand. Do not post messages that purposefully derail a conversation or deviate from the stated topic of any thread in the forums.

1e. Flooding: You will not attempt to deliberately post repeated messages or duplicates of similar messages.

1f. Spamming: You will not attempt to create more than one similar thread for your topic. Likewise, you will not create threads that are slightly different but share the same content.

1g. End User License Agreement (EULA): You will not discuss topics that are in direct violation of a game’s Terms of Use or EULA. This also includes discussion in violation of any NDA a title or player may be under.

1h. Content Abuse: Any posts that do not provide any substance to the discussion, or the community as a whole, will be removed. This includes abuse of the color/size tags, spamming nothing but smiley faces, abusing the quote function, posting without using the search function first, ranting in every thread, etc.

2. Conduct: You will not harass other guests or behave in a manner that is considered abusive, offensive and/or racist.

2a. Identity Spoofing: You will not attempt to impersonate as a staff or moderator of MAYN. Guests who do so will have their post(s) removed and their accounts terminated immediately.

2b. Hacking: You will not use the forums to share, distribute, or provide links to sites that contain bugs, bots, cracks, cheat codes, hacks, exploits, software keys, licenses, viruses or any form of information system pertaining but not limited to TwelveSky2. MAYN views this as a serious offense. Guests who do so will have their post(s) removed and their accounts terminated immediately. Should you find a non-abusive bug pertaining to any of the MAYN Interactive products, please use the Tech Support forum to let us know about it or contact us directly via the support system. For exploits and other such cheats, please make immediate use of the support ticket system.

2c. Trolling: You will not engage in trolling or post in a manner intended to anger or insult another poster or posters. Behavior of this sort is frowned upon and will be dealt with accordingly.

2d. Multiple Accounts: You will not deliberately create multiple accounts to evade suspension or other such penalties, or to reply to your own thread and/or post(s). You are personally responsible for your conduct on the forums and in game. If you create a new account to continue bad behavior because another account was auctioned again, any accounts involved will be permanently revoked. Disciplinary actions such as a forum suspension apply to a person, not specifically an account. This also includes posting by proxy or on behalf of a suspended user.

2e. Illegal Activities: You will not post or link to sites that discuss or promote illegal activities. These activities include mind-altering drugs & substances, hacking or botting, criminal activities, sexual relations with minors, and financial scams, or pyramid selling. Guests who do so will have their post(s) removed and their accounts terminated immediately.

2f. Unauthorized Access: You will not utilize any form of bug exploits, hacks, or cracks to bypass and/or modify the forums and its contents. You will not attempt to retrieve information beyond the level of your account status. Likewise, You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to secured sites of the forum. Guests who do so will have their post(s) removed and their accounts terminated immediately.

2g. Private Messages: Private messages are subject to these Community Rules of Conduct, and shall be kept private unless a user has the expressed and written consent of the author of said message(s) to publicly post the information contained therein.

2h. Forum Attacks: You will not use this forum to organize attacks against this forum, guests of this forum, or other websites. Guests who do so will have their post(s) removed and their accounts terminated immediately.

2i. Cooperation: At the request of a moderator, you will cease to post and/or provide links to content that is considered offensive or unacceptable.

3. Copyright: By posting on this forum, you agree that MAYN has the right to modify and/or remove any offensive post(s), remove profanity and racists comments, and modify thread titles to correctly reflect content, at our own discretion.

4. Advertisements: You will not advertise or promote other forums, websites, blogs, or online communities without the prior written permission from MAYN. Guests who do so will have their post(s) removed and their accounts terminated immediately.

5. Disclaimer: Due to the real-time nature of the forums, we do not and cannot monitor the content of every post. MAYN does not assume responsibility over the content of any messages. MAYN reserves the right to remove messages and/or restrict posting rights at our own discretion. Any violation of the forum rules may result in your posting privileges removed and/or your account being terminated.

5a. No Guarantee: MAYN makes no claim that guarantees the availability of the free services under its domains. This includes, but is not limited to, TwelveSky2, game events, contests, and the forums.

6. Violations: The forum is governed by our Community Rules of Conduct. By joining the forum, you agree that any violation of the Community Rules of Conduct on your part, intentional or unintentional, is subject to moderation. MAYN reserves the right to all final decisions on matters regarding forum violations, or disputes with MAYN’s policies.

Moderator or Guest Service Representative decisions are not to be publicly discussed – likewise for service correspondence without the explicit permission from the staff member. Should you have a comment, concern, question or issue, contact a moderator or administrator via support@mayngames.com. Furthermore, if you believe a post or thread to be in violation of these rules, either in whole or in part, use the report function on said post or thread or contact us via support@mayngames.com. In addition, altering or editing a staff member’s message or post edit is also forbidden.

Violation of any or all of these rules may result in receiving a warning or a ban from this Community. We are not obligated to provide a user with a warning prior to banning their account, and we will enforce these Guidelines to ensure the greatest possible success of this Community.

We may, in our sole discretion, take action against users who post material or engage in activity that violates these Guidelines. Such action may include, without notice, removal of your posting privileges, closing of the account as a whole or banning of your username and IP address.

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Acum sunt si eu

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