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01-22-2013, 11:23 AM

Greetings Citizens of Sunrise City,

The following updates has been patched in during server maintenance on Tuesday, 22 January 2013.

[ A. New PvE Maps ]

• Added a new Safeguard game mode on Dellosvile map.
- The map is for 1 - 6 players.
- As in all Safeguard maps, the difficulty will be automatically adjusted to the number of players and their level.
- The defence Core on this map will have a lower amount of HP than what is seen on other maps.
- Players can find and pick-up a Repair Kit on the map and bring it back to the Core in order to repair it.

• Added the possibility to play all Stockpile maps in multiplayer mode.
- Players will get into a multiplayer STP match ONLY if creating a Stockpile match while in a group.
- This match is a private match for that group, meaning other players won't be able to join it.
- Multiplayer Stockpile maps are for 2 - 4 players. The difficulty doesn't depend on the number of players in a match though.
- There are now more containers on the maps in multiplayer Stockpile.
- There are now better chances to find higher tier (Uncommon) containers in multiplayer Stockpile.
- The AI opponents in multiplayer Stockpile are tougher now. Players will meet Thug Heavy, Thug Champion Strongarm and Thug Champion Aggressor in multiplayer Stockpile matches.
- Players will get placed into a single-player match if creating a Stockpile match while not in a group.
- Now players have a chance to find Poor Containers in single-player Stockpile. These containers feature low-quality (white) ingredients and trash items.

[ B. Lottery ]

• Added new Lottery Tickets on the Black Market.
- Supplier Lottery Ticket gives players a chance of winning a stack of epic Ammo.
- Outlaw Lottery Ticket gives players a chance of winning a stack of epic offensive Boosts or Medicines.
- Terminator Lottery Ticket gives players a chance of winning a stack of epic defensive Boosts or Medicines.

• Stack size for all epic Ammo, Boosts and Medicines is 1000 and a player always wins a full stack in the case of lucky odds.
• As usual, new Lottery Tickets are safe - a player always wins some reward when using a ticket.
• Increased the chance to win an epic item from Hatcher Lottery Ticket and Spoiler Lottery Ticket.

[ C. Balance Changes ]

• Betadyne EagleEye now additionally increases weapon non-splash damage by up to 9% at level 50.
• Indura Convergence now increases weapon non-splash damage by to 21%, up from 17% at level 50.
• Zymek FocusLife is renamed to Zymek LiquidFire. Now it increases all weapon damage by up to 9% at level 50.
• Mojoun now gives 34% to splash resistance, up from 30% and decases character Stamina regeneration speed instead of his maximum Stamina.
• Raze now increases non-splash weapon damage by 60%, up from 50% and increases accuracy by 30%, down from 50% at level 50.
• Niks doesn't decrease character maximum Stamina anymore.
• Now Flash Grenade additionally disable player's radar.

[ D. Other Improvements ]

• Another anti-cheat middleware has been integrated in CrimeCraft.

• PvE.
- Improved AI reaction on Flash Grenade. Now AI chooses between leaving the area of the explosion or shooting at the spot where a player was last seen while under the Flash Grenade effect.
- Fixed the issue when AI run away in fear when a player toss EDF or NBR Grenade.
- Now Champion Strongarm and Champion Aggressor can see opponents who use Active Camouflage System if the player gets too close.
- Now tough AI (Destroyers, Hammers and Champions) will sometimes ignore explosives and not run away in fear.
- Fixed the issue when AI ran away from explosive for too long.

• Added new achievements for level 50 players who win Safeguard and Headhunt maps on Hard difficulty with the maximum number of players in a match.
• Changed icons colors for level 40 and level 50 Boosts and Medicines. Now it's easier to differ level 30, 40 and 50 Boost icons.

[ E. Bug fixes ]

• Fixed the issue when players were able to get an extra rewards from Stockpile matches artificially increasing the match duration.
• Fixed visual glitches when spectating a player who uses 1st person mode.
• Fixed the issue where Bess, Heavy and Birth reduced explosive weapons damage twice.
• Fixed the issue where Climax reduce non-splash weapons damage one more time instead of restoring it to the initial value when the Boosts effect ends.
• Fixed the issue where achievements from the Loot-Based category didn't track character collecting containers.
• Fixed the issue where statistic from the Collection category wasn't updated.

Thank you.

01-22-2013, 11:24 AM