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11-23-2012, 02:22 PM
I posted a similar thread 1 year ago.
Now I want to bring the idea back up again:

1. add three categories of melee weapons to the game:

- light weapons: knifes, brassknuckels, tasers, martial arts
- medium weapons: sword/sabres (Katana :P), baseball club
- heavy weapons: sledgehammer, chainsaw, fire axe

How these work:
light melee wps are equiped in light weapon slot, medium in medium and heavy in heavy.
- melee dmg mod is removed
- melee weapons attack the specific resist values light, medium and heavy
- electric shield remains as is
- melee dmg is relatively high with all weapon types and effected by boosts
- melee weapons are "fired" with fire button and apply damage to the specific target zones (add new animations)
- melee weapons can have secondary attacks with right mouse button
- Knife Attack special key is replaced by "attack jump" animation which applies a special attack with all melee weapons, but has a cooldown/very high stamina consumption

2. add new melee type abilities:

- Berserk: the melee PSP ability. 80% resist bonus, -80% accuracy for ranged reduction and slight damage bonus for melee
- Martial arts: you can equip "bare hands" in light weapon slot. This allows you to attack with a weak fist attack. Martial arts ability equiped allows to attack with bare hands and feet with more damage and gives movement speed bonus. Left hand: hand attack (boxing, jiu jutsi, speznaz style, whatever u wanna implement), right click attack makes kick attack
- melee defender ability: changes "melee special attack button (attack jump)" with "back jump" and allows to make a cool jump back and away from attackers

3. Melee weapon attachments
you can craft melee weapons and give them attachments:

- blade (increase damage)
- haft (increase accuracy)
- material ( increase attack speed -> reduce weight, improve wp balance)

special weapons like taser could allow players to stun enemies on low range.
I imagine a series of liquid weapon designs as high tier melee weapons that look like the liquid armour and have special designs like double daggers, a whip or sth like that.

I think melee weapons would make CrimeCraft shine and improve game expierience and enjoyment for all.
It would bring back up melee builds arround Bess and DIS, add variety in general builds and tactics, allows more different weapon equip styles except all have sigma, Sg2 and rask lmg and so on...

Also allows to introduce new melee based classes, melee tournament mode and events.

If I were a developer I would combine melee weapons with a new gang wars like update introducing a new lobby outside sunrise city with new character designs and styles based on the "tribes" and savages outside.
As mentioned in antohter thread I could imagine that new lobby as a pvp lobby with the posibility to draw weapons (but also buy an immunity ticket for ingame cash that lasts some time).

This could include a new PvE campaign, new PvE modes, a bigger TW (battle for control of the wall), more like a mass PvP event, new custom clothing designs, new everything :P

11-23-2012, 02:25 PM
The idea would be cool, however we don't have a possibility to add more character animations in the game. :(

11-23-2012, 02:26 PM

How is that??? :(

11-23-2012, 03:48 PM
I generally like the idea of anything new added that doesn't upset gameplay balance and this could be a cool idea. The issue I see is that at least on the new US server the lag is much worse than previously. Whereas before I used to despise the odd jump knife death to red/yellow ping players in which they could superman knife me from 20 feet away (up stairs, down stairs, facing the wrong direction) now I'm experiencing this effect regularly from even green ping players. At this moment (on US server) I don't think the ability to jump knife instant kill actually adds anything tangible to a shooter. If the lag issues were resolved and this game played like it did prior to the addition of Mayn I'd be very happy to see things added.

Of course as Solovey stated this isn't a possibility I'm really only attempting to share my frustrations with him regarding the sad state of the US server at present.

11-24-2012, 08:45 AM
cool idea hope they can implement it in game