View Full Version : Chimera/EDF Meta

10-22-2012, 03:22 PM
What do you think about that new upcoming META?

I already see so many custom wanna bees using this combo.

Rai, EDF, Liquid Armour, Frenzy, Chimera.

In combination with medium resist clothes you can get a all 40-50% resistances build + absorb.

From my feeling, this build reminds me of Pre-Gang wars all-tank-builds where ppl were almost impossible to kill without Frenzy/Corrosive Rounds + Hargan Bulldog.

Already my Shotgun/CR builds become most vital in this new time, while especially corrosion grenades become even more ridiculous :(

This is not only meant as a "flame" thread or sth, but I want to know the oppinions of other users about that custom build.

EDIT: almost forgot to post my suggestions on nerf:

Give Chimera -50% healing reduction on all levels
Remove splash damage resist negative modifier.

EDF: just a stupid idea maybe, but:
- increase EDF size
- make EDF only give all ppl inside +80% splash resistance and -50% shock time reduction
- make corrosion grenades, molotovs, NBR and shock grenade work inside it.