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09-11-2012, 06:21 PM
Previously I have post a thread about suggestion/features we could used at old Crimecraft forums run by vogster. Due to the old forums no longer accessible, I decided to post the list along with better approach we could used.

Auction House

I have once post an feedback to solovey on how to improves the auction house that encourage player to vendor more item, get the economy running, earning reasonable profit and so on. As I continue to figures out on how to improves it, I also focus/observing several mmorpg and the method/approach of how their AH was running.

Below are my illustration on an great and yet efficient auction house.


As everybody can see clearly from this illustration, player could auction the item from 6 hours up to a month. However, I know vogster and mayn would like to get deluxe/premium subcriber and thus the auction period of 1 weeks and 1 months should only be enable for subcriber.

In other word, free user could only auction item up to 48 hours durations. This auction house are also free from cash deposit cost, allowing player to auction any stuff at any item without being burden from it.

The AH in this illustration also allowed player to purchase item from auction house from another server, this allowed player to sell/buy item between server; allowing economy at all server running smooth at same time.

You might be wondering what does Post, Statistic, Reset & Reset All does. Here are the explaination.

Post - To auction item.
Statistic - Get statistic info of the buy/sell item.
Reset - Reauction the item without the need to withdraw the item and set all the setting all over again.
Reset All - Same as reset but applied to all auction item in the list.

Reset function could be applied to subcriber only. This is only a conveniences features for subcriber to reauction every item without the need to withdraw/deposit. Can you imagine how hassle it is to reauction hundreds of item at 1 go?

Now you are wondering what is auction limit is. Auction limit are the limit amount a player could auction their stuff 1 at a time. Subcriber could auction as many item as they want while free user are only limited to auction 30 item at a time.

Since this features I suggested would no longer have all those expired item being deliver to the player mail box, the auction limit are necessary to prevent player from abusing mailbox as part of the tools to keep item due to their ATM lack of the necessary space to keep it. It also prevent the AH being used as the tools of storage.

This features saves free user from the wrath of deposit cost while sacrifices their limitation on number of item they could sold. Still, it is better than trying to auction the same item over and over again to the extend of making loss due to deposit cost.

This also encourage free user to be smart, to sold good item instead of junk. With sales tax exist, it also encourage player to sell item within reasonable price.

Note: I forgot to add 1 function called as Withdrawn in the screenshot which work to withdraw item from the AH.

09-11-2012, 06:28 PM
Ok, this is a question that might be ask about this AH system.

Q: I am deluxe/premium subcriber and I auction 300 item, 280 of it have expired. What would happen?
A: Nothing would happen, those expired item stay in the AH.

Q: What if my subcription ran out while those expired item are still in the AH?
A: In that case, those expired item would directly mail to you until 30 item remain in the AH. For example, if you auction 400 item while you are still subcriber and 390 out of 400 have expired; 370 expired item would be deliver to your mail.

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This is a good idea,I am tired of having to repost 50+ items every 2 days,the AH is already screwed and it takes forever to sell stuff

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I am still hoping for someday where they could implement such an auction house, to really get the economy rolling.

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+ 10000000000000 go go

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this would be great , looking forward to see it ingame!