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09-08-2012, 12:50 AM
...I collect things, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Regardless the Municipality families pay for the loot I find outside the walls. Let me tell you this though; it's a hell hole out there, if it isn't the rogues coming for you it's the FED and their patrols you got to watch out for. There's riches to be found though, the old Douglas Avenue labs for instance has a lot of components stored there for chemical boosts... and the families pay well for the raw materials to create such, no doubt.

I personally like finding the hardware the most though. I'm a gearhead - at least that's what they call my kind. Some call me a zone tripper, hell.. I'm boosting that's no secret, and yeah, I do get tripped out at times, but then again... defending this city ain't no easy task.

So if you need a thing or two set right for your weaponry - be it a new scope or a module you need upgraded just let me know, okay? I'll have a look for it out there or try to make you one from the things I've found in the wasteland. It's a job well done and another defender geared up for the coming battle with these desperate people living outside the wall... a battle where we need every able man and woman to bear arms and fight back.

Yes, this is indeed a dark time in the history of mankind, but every empire falls and a new arise out of it's ashes... history has shown us this time and time again so don't give up. What was that you wanted me to look at?..."

Akas' journal, Entry 1.

"It took a while to leave the Sunrise City today, the Municipality Security Force or the MSF as they're called for easy reference wasn't exactly lax in their background check on me today. ( It could probably have had something to do with Ground Zero and Bonnie and Clyde affilliation contracts being cleared with the higher-ups, not sure about that though). Of course the checkpoint server broke down just as it was about to go through - which further delayed the process for about an hour or so, until a new component for it was found (I think they called Ulara - she got all kinds of connections)... and damn that tech isn't easy to come by these days, especially components that work flawlessly, anyway.

In the end I cleared with the MSF and began to move to the outskirts along a few men and women I've joined up with. I have put it upon myself to teach them what I know about surviving out here... We go by the call sign "The Watchmen" and everyone's happy with that nick - it's no biggie really what we call ourselves these days, a name is quickly forgotten when your stomach is empty and you're digging out an old dried out well in hope for some clean water deeper down, things come into perspective out here in the wilderness; what's important and what isn't... the cold in your tent at night always lets you know just how mortal a man you really are, not to speak of the bullets passing by you in firefights just inches away from your head should you run into a FED patrol... luckily we haven't met any yet".

End of entry.

Akas Journal, Entry 2

"Damn my head hurts! I must have boosted some bad smack yesterday.Anyway, we've come close to a few gangs out here but haven't yet been in any direct confrontation with them. We're still building and pushing on... and the team's starting to come together - furthermore I've cleared with the Municipality that The Watchmen get an old warehouse in the city set up as our base of operations. I have my sights on Midtown as I like the architecture there and it seem like a good place to defend should the city come under attack...I'll cut this entry short now as Getha has found an old map leading to a cache of weapons close to the MacKenzie sportcenter, hopefully next entry will be a list of what we found."

End of Entry.


Akas' Journal, Entry 3.

I knew it! Goddammit! The cache of weapons had been cleaned out already! And to add to the mockery a huge spray-painting on the wall behind the empty crates of a green jar with a red skull and bones was grinning at me and my friends frustation as we picked up a few LMG casings that had been left behind, barely enough for a full Oslo clip, at that. I could smell Zymurgist's band of AUG enhanced cowboys all over this one... and it burned my soul...

Getha and I ran a quick debriefing back at our hideout as we unpacked... what had gone wrong? - had our sources been misinformed? or were somone playing tricks on us? Our conclusion was that we had been too slow to act on the information when we recieved it from the Municipality Salvage Office and that Zymurgist's people had had the same offer and with their larger and more experienced group had been able to move before us on the cache... I'm going to double our recruitment efforts. Next time we'll get the resources first, I swear it!

Akas' Journal, Entry 4.

Things are starting to come together now. Our gang is getting stronger and word has it that people wearing the skull and bones insignia are starting to get some well deserved respect out in the wasteland. Well, I do what I can to make sure that the members get what they need. I guess that's all I can do for them, hell, I wish there was more options available to us, I wish the Municipality would allow us to trek further out, but then again perhaps it's best not to venture too far...

We still haven't heard any news from Washington on the current whereabouts of the head of state, and the FEDs sure as hell ain't talking, they're just interested in claiming what doesn't belong to them, I guess their idea of an economic crackdown on the financial sector backfired, huh?... I don't know, maybe "they" had this planned all along. They missed the part where men and women stood up and fought back in their calculations though, perhaps thinking with the gun restriction laws coming into effect and their propaganda talking bull[filtered] on the tube no-one would be able to... Thank God for the six families and their overseas connections as they came together just in time to save this area... a shame about the Triads though, wish they had been smarter, but then again they probably don't believe in the Bill of rights, here.... let me show you so you don't buy into all that FED propaganda you'll find in the wasteland...

That is all... in God we Trust.

End of Entry.


Akas' Journal, Entry 5.

Something's wrong. I'm being followed, I see the Municipality officers observing me strangely on the streets and by the gates. Something is up, and I got some bad ideas as to what it might be about... I hope Shab gets the job done soon.

End of Entry.

09-10-2012, 08:31 AM
Akas Journal, Entry 6.

I've lost two of my crew recently, both great fighters... other gangs claimed them, now they're not around anymore, and seeing them with another tag on their back is a thorn in my eye and my tears runs into a river red, one of them despises me now, I guess that's what you get for asking for the truth... but streetlife continues, there's still people to meet, drugs to sell, weapons to forge and modifications to apply, so the Watchmen keeps going, because that's what we do... it's what makes us Watchmen. The families still support us - especially the Disciples in Midtown Square. That's a good thing, we can always use their support in times of trouble, and Sunrise City always seem to be dishing out such times...

On a personal note; Joline, one of our chemists are still missing and I'm beginning to think that I'll never see her again - the last I heard was that she was working on something important... Shab's on the case... and I'm beginning to think that it's probably connected with Slithertongue. I remember he was involved with Twilight from the Wretched, perhaps I should ask her what it was all about so many moons ago. I ramble here on this old relay and the teams are returning from their salvage runs now as the sun sets... Tical's been leading them well, it's time to see what she's been able to get her nails in.

End of Entry.

Akas Journal, Entry 7.

The mail network had this jokester Slithertongue send out a general broadcast... It was a cipher and I broke it too late, Joline died today because of it. The loss of her is one that'll stay with me for a long time... She always laughed such a sweet laugh and her eyes shone with the light of Oceanside by sunrise Now she's gone... and I wonder why it's always after we've lost loved ones, that we really see how little time we have on this earth and what really matters - the little moments we spend in each others company can't be bought for gold.

End of Entry.

Akas Journal, Entry 8.

There's a bad vibe in the city at the moment, even more bad than usual - if that's even possible. The Reclamation Project is well under way, and the word from the street to the towers of glass is saying that the Mayor's running a huge risk in signing the Accord again... As if that wasn't bad enough, I've been contacted by someone using a voice modulator. Perhaps others have had a similar call? Maybe this isn't as closed a circle as I've been lead to believe, perhaps... they're all working together, I hope I'm wrong in my anticipation of things to come.

End of Entry.

Akas Journal, Entry 9.

What the hell happened out there?! Where did all these refugees come from? The Re-unification army's conscripts arrived early? How many of these pests will try to carve themselves a piece of the pie or die trying. I think that this is probably more than Sunrise City's Municipality Accomodation Department was ready for...

I start to believe that perhaps the rumors about the FEMA camps were true after all... heard they could pack tens of thousands of people into one of those installations... mostly society's unwanted kind. I call tough luck if they came here, but then again where the hell should they go if not to a free-city? The wasteland is no-one's home but the Meta-tribe's, and it isn't recruiting...and the Rogues aren't for everyone... Triads likewise, so what's left but the pavements of Sunrise City?.... an early grave? Hardly an option for survivors.

There's still speculation going on about the coming war... Arkady and Gerome won't give up their holdings... so it'll end bloody, I'll keep my piece on that for now... There's no need to spoil the entertainment.

End of Entry