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08-08-2012, 07:46 AM
We are happy to announce that this Wednesday (August 1st) we are going to release new patch!

See list of changes below:

[ A. 1st Person View Introduced! ]

1st Person View has been introduced. Players may assign a shortcut to swap between 1st person view and 3rd person view at any moment during combat.
Players are able to locate the option available via Controls section located at Game Options through ESC Menu.

[ B. New Unique Rewards - Territory Wars ]

Gangs who participate in Territory Wars will be able to receive 2 new unique rewards:
1. Essence of Pack
2. Essence of Ego
Gangs who own Territories will be able to produce additional essences on each Territory owned. These ingredients will be produced in gang production tab. Please note that all ingredients will be sent to Gang Leader if the gang does not own a Gang Bank.
Essence of Pack
Players may craft unique Gang Banners from Essence Pack to buff combat performance or give non-combat advantages to Gang Members.
- To activate Gang Banners, Gang Members are required to interact with Gang Secretary NPC to purchase Gang Buff slots.
- Essence of Pack and Gang Banners will be bind to Gang. Gang Members may put them back to Gang production tab from their inventory.
- Gang member will lose all Essence of Pack and Gang Banners once they leave the Gang. Essence Pack will be automatically deposited into Gang Production Tab.
Essence of Ego
Players can craft Combat AUGs from Essence of Ego.
- Combat AUGs and Ability AUGs are equipped in different paper-doll slots.
- Essence of Ego and Combat AUGs are bind on pick-up.
- All Class Ranks will receive some low-power or mid-power Combat AUG at level 35 and above.
Note: Players can purchase Gang Banners and Combat AUGs craft recipes for Bronze Coins.

[ C. Game Systems Tweaks ]

While maintaining a better game play experience and expectations for players, there are systems which have been tweaked. You may check out these tweaks below:
1) Matchmaking
- New players will join in a match only if teams size will be even after their join.
- Minimal number of players have been increased to 4 in a match instead of 2.
- Auto-balance will close a Riot match if there is only 1 player left.
- Players will not be able to see a list of matches and can't subscribe to a specific match session when interacting with Municipal Overseer NPC.
2) Cheat Reports
- Players are able select a suspected player name from a dropdown list which contains all their opponents in the previous match.
- Players are unable to manually enter the suspected player name anymore.
- Players are able to submit up to 3 Cheat Reports per day.
3) A minimum required level for Division 2 and Division 1 Tournaments have been added. Division 2 requires character level 15 and Division 1 requires character level 35.
4) Players will recieve Gold and Silver Coins instead of in-game cash, gold bars or real cash for reaching top places in a Monthly PvP Ladder.
5) All ammo, boosts and ability AUGs are bind to account now.
6) Sound effect has been added when a player completes a job.
7) Players are unable to sell Bleedout Tickets to NPC vendors.

[ D. Game Balancing Tweaks ]

We have introduced few tweaks to ensure game balancing! You may check the tweaks stated below:
1) Weapon
- Hargan Mastiff reload time increased up to 3.2 seconds from 2.8 seconds and character run speed reduced when Hargan Mastiff is equipped.
- Silver&Smith LMG clip size increased up to 100 from 80, Silver&Smith LMG increases its rate of fire faster when players start shooting, Silver&Smith LMG loses its rate of fire slower when players stop shooting.
2) Ammo
- Reduced the power for all Common (white) and Uncommon (green) ammo.
- Slightly increased the power for some Rare (blue) and some Gold ammo.
3) Attachments
- Reduced the power for all Common (white) and Uncommon (green) attachments.
4) Abilities
- Regenerative Auto-Injector now heals every 1.5 seconds up from every 1 second and lasts 50% longer.
- Electric Shield now stuns attacker for 0.75 seconds, down from 1.5 seconds.
- Electric Shield AUG now increases ability stun duration to 1.5 seconds instead of providing bonus hp.
- Flashbang Grenade doesn't blind teammates anymore.
- Explosion Dampening Field now “Adaptive” and will change its height based on the obstacles above the area where the Field is placed.
- Now fire from Molotov Cocktail doesn't burn players through obstacles.
- HeartBeat Detector now requires level 28, up from level 1.
- Enhanced Recovery bonus reduced to 40 / 50 / 60 % down from 45 / 55 / 65%.
- Heartbeat Detector ability AUG requires level 35 now.
5) Boosts
- The cooldown for all active Serums reduced down to 15 seconds from 30 seconds.
- Chemtech ForceWard now additionally increases all non-splash resistances up to 8% at level 50.
- Increased stamina penalty for Howl. Now in decreases stamina by 60%, up from 40% at level 50.
- Reduced max hp bonus for K-Dust. Now it increases max hp by 30%, down from 35% at level 50.
- Prank now decreases character heal instead of decreasing his resistances. It reduce heal gain by up to 25% at level 50.
- Majoun now heals 7 hp per second, gives 30% to splash resistance and reduce non-splash resistances by 10% for 8 seconds at level 50. Max hp bonus and stamina penalty remain the same.
- Wood now additionally increase splash resistance by up to 12% at level 50.
- Birth and Heavy now reduce all inflicted damage instead of non-splash damage only.

[ E. Combat Improvements ]

Combat has been tweaked and improved to prove a better game play for all players. Below shows the improvements made:
1) A team that has the less than minimal number of player in a Shootout match in Tournaments or Territory Wars will lose 1 point every 15 seconds for each missed player.
2) Core Annihilation
- Defense Cores in Core Annihilation game mode are immune to penetration damage.
- A number of obstacles have been introduced on Core Annihilation maps to prevent players damaging Cores from hidden spots.
- Players will receive less scores for damaging the Core in Core Annihilation game mode.
3) Assault, Capture and Defend
- Players will get less score in Assault, Capture and Defend game mode.
- Players will be able to see the Core capture progress in Assault, Capture and Defend.
4) Players will be able to see all character attributes when being killed by opponents.
5) Player will not be able to see the inflicted damage indicator if his victim is hidden behind an obstacle.
6) Leg-shots reduce target stamina. Legshot damage modifier decreases this effect.
7) Red glow has been implemented under opponents Molotov Cocktail fire and white glow will appear under friendly fire.
8) Killing yourself using PED AUG will not reduce your match score.

[ F. Game Economy Tweak ]

Game Economy has been tweaked to maintain a healthy game play for all players! Below shows the tweaks to the following categories:
1) Classes
- Significantly increased upkeep cost for high-level class ranks.
- Players are able to equip any purchased classes rank.
- Players will pay classes upkeep cost after playing in Tournaments and Territory Wars.
2) Repair
- Now attachments increase weapon repair cost.
- Repair cost for Rare (Blue) and Gold items increased
- Repair cost for Uncommon (Green) items reduced and repair cost for Common (White) items significantly reduced.
- Gold bar repair cost for all items reduced. No gold bar repair cost depends on the cash repair cost.
3) Tournaments
- Increased tournament rewards for Premium and Deluxe players. Premium and Deluxe players will receive double amount of Silver and Gold Coins.
- Rewards have been reduced for teams who reach quarter-final, semi-final and final.
4) Ammo/Boosts
- Price increased for ammo and boosts which are sold for cash in Item Shop.
5) Auction House
- Auction House deposit price reduced. Players will pay less deposit when trying to sell an item on Auction House.
- Auction House tax increased. Players will pay higher tax when they successfully sell an item on Action House.
6) Match Scoreboard Rewards
- Cash and experience rewards have been increased for players in the bottom part of the match scoreboard.
7) Craft Recipes
- Silver and Titanium have been converted to Rare (Blue) ingredients and these reagents are removed from ability AUGs craft recipes.

[ G. User Interface updated ]

The following User Interface will be updated:
1) Small alphabet 'l' and capital 'I' letters look different.
2) Players will not be able to enter subsequent space symbols and '<', '>', '{' and '}' symbols in game chat.
3) Chat messages when player spend Bronze, Silver or Gold Coins added.
4) Players are able to disable gang invitations in Game Options window.
5) Players are able to disable group invitations in Game Options window.
6) Players are able to copy character names from the chat into clipboard.
7) Gang members sorting in Gang Manager window improved.
8) Game icons improved.
9) User interface tooltips added.

[ H. New Gold Bar Items and Services Introduced ]

New items have been introduced to Black Market!
1) New Lobby AUGs have been added to Black Market:
- Good Fella: Increase cash gain by 30% and reduce repair cost by 15%
- GodFather: Increase cash gain by 50% and reduce repair cost by 25%
2) Players may now spend gold bars to unlock the following options:
- Unlock abilities up to their character level plus 5.
- Unlock classes and class ranks up to their character level plus 5.

[ I. Bugs Fixed ]

The following bugs have been fixed:
1) Combat:
- Collision issues on Municipality Bank map fixed.
- Collision issues on Belly Street map fixed.
- When players re-spawned, character facing walls in The Othello Skybridge in Riot and Shootout fixed.
- Explosive damage has not been reduced with the distance when exploding right above or right under the target fixed.
- Players inflicted incorrect amount of melee damage due to network lags fixed.
- Player was able to kill a character who is located directly behind his character back fixed
- Weapon sensitivity bug after Second Chance effect being activated when shooting from an LMG fixed.
- Flag position bug shown on the radar in Snatch and Grab matches fixed.
- Weapon icon bug in a match when changing a profile during a warm-up fixed.
2) PvE Combat:
- Fire that is left after AI throw a Molotov Cocktail that didn't cause damage to players fixed.
- Backstab damage bonus didn't work in PvE fixed.
- Fire Control Technique ability didn't work correctly against AI fixed.
- Camouflage Sensor Array field size for AI. Now the visible field size and the actual field size are the same.
- AI boss has 0% health while the boss was still alive fixed.
- Containers markers on a radar didn't correctly show the container on the floor fixed.
3) Spectator:
- Spectator shows that player is missing when he actually scores a precise shot and inflicts damage when spectating players with not great ping fixed.
- Weapon recoil which was not correctly shown for spectator fixed.
- Score for killing opponents and combat messages, like Double Kill, Melee Kill, Last Bullet Kill, etc fixed.
- Cash counter which was not correctly shown when spectating a player who picked-up a dropped cash bag in a Robbery match fixed.
- All combat information and messages when spectating Assault, Capture and Defend match will be shown.
- Weapons and abilities sounds didn't work in spectator mode fixed.
- Sniper rifle zoom didn't disappear after the spectated character death fixed.
4) Boosts and abilities:
- HeartBeat Detector ability AUG reveals opponents' Proximity Mines when HeartBeat Detector ability isn't equipped fixed.
- Bleedout boosts fixed.
- Betadyne EagleEye boosts wasn't activated after character spawn fixed.
5) Items:
- Players weren't able to repair some masks and glasses fixed
- Different clothing which have same names fixed.
- Some assault rifles, pistols and smgs had wrong parameters fixed.
- Items vendor sell price and repair price fixed.
- Players weren't able to buyback "Seeker ST mk.4" item fixed.
6) User Interface:
- Players unable to view stack size for some combat AUGs on black Market fixed.
- Player unable to view the correct mask or glasses in the Preview window on Black Market fixed
- When pressing "Create" button in a Craft window worked as "Create Max" fixed.
- Players are unable to confirm the match name by pressing Enter button when joining a Private Match fixed.
- Item coin price will show grey in Item Shop when player didn't have enough coins to purchase it.
- Character list is sorted correctly in the Friend List and Black List window.
- Color of some items icons wasn't correct after colorizing those items on Black Market fixed.
- Character Name disppearing from scoreboard while loading into a match fixed.
- Wrong information shown on the signature of a player who invites them in a gang fixed.
7) Multiple Localization Issues fixed.
8) Steam Trading Fixed.