View Full Version : [Patch Notes] 1 Feb 2012 1.05.syn

08-08-2012, 07:23 AM
Here are the change notes from today's Hot Fix:

• Fixed several geometry issues in Core Annihilation on Douglas Avenue Labs to prevent players from damaging the core from areas where they shouldn’t be able to reach it
• Weapons will now lose the correct percentage of its max durability when attachments are removed
• Fixed an issue where items lost too much max durability when being repaired in cases when the item had previously lost a significant percentage of its max durability
• Increased time between “territory war” tax messages in gang chat
• Fixed LMG ammo stats for rank 6 PvE Crab and rank 7 Chaingunner
• Added new signature with Turkish flag
• Brazilian localization fixes
• Turkish localization fixes