View Full Version : Xraile's buying and selling list <- Look o.o

05-09-2009, 02:52 AM
• Buying
- Clean A8 Armor - 4m
- Clean A11 Saber - 3m
- Clean A11 Vit Cape - 4m
- 6th Saber Skill.
- Elite Ring.

• Selling
- 90% A5 Ring CS2 - Sold
- 90% A5 Saber CS8 - Sold
- 90% A5 Saber CS2

I just wanna inform you guys at the moment, higher lvl adept equipments are cheaper than lower lvl ones. The reason is basically because not much snakes are high level. We got around 5 in A5 range, 2 in A8 range, 1 A10 and 1 A11. Total up its less than 10, so item price shouldnt be increasing as each lvl goes.

This is just a basic infomation for those who are new to the market system. But when there's more higher lvl, you can raise your price no problem. I've seem A2 armor which cost 10m, and A8 armor selling at 10m too ._.

So here, i hope to get some reasonable qoute from sellers. You can kindly leave down your offer here or maybe pm me in game. And i really neeed 6th saber skill to dish out massive dmg >.<