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05-31-2012, 10:12 AM

Hi MAYN Gamers,

We had the Community Manager's Update (http://forums.mayngames.com/showthread.php?38604) (CMU) way back in the early days of TwelveSky 2 in 2009. Thanks to scientific advancements in Voodoo, we are resurrecting the Blog and revamping it to deliver more frequent, relevant updates to all TS2 Warriors!

Issue #28: MUDflation

Hey guys,
I'll try to share some of the considerations on a games publisher agenda. It might not be apparent when playing this game, but decisions made in TS2 must take into account these factors.

What is MUDflation?
MUDflation happens when there is an inflation of the in-game currency. The value of your silver or cp gradually decrease versus the items and gears(or goods) that you can get it with.

A huge inflow of items/silver/cp without a similarly-sized outflow to absorb the surge will devalue the value of the commodity in question

So, at MAYN Games, when we try to design a promotion, contest or event, we always have to keep this in mind to avoid throwing the game into an economic imbalance.

I hope this is informative and will give a clearer picture on why we do things in a certain way and why we don't implement some of the stuffs that we really ought not to..

Questions? Comments?

With that, we wrap up another episode of the community blog.

I will be posting my thoughts in short snippets on the latest rumors and happenings in the world of TwelveSky2.

This ‘blog’ will be updated daily and I welcome your contributions and feedback on what you want to hear about for your favorite MMORPG!

Until next time, happy PVPing!

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Whi there are endless wars, shields destroy alone ( GV ones ) ??

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where r the next issues ;D?