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04-19-2012, 09:54 AM

Hi MAYN Gamers,

We had the Community Manager's Update (http://forums.mayngames.com/showthread.php?38604) (CMU) way back in the early days of TwelveSky 2 in 2009. Thanks to scientific advancements in Voodoo, we are resurrecting the Blog and revamping it to deliver more frequent, relevant updates to all TS2 Warriors!

Issue #4: Game balance

I have been wondering for a while if and when the clan balance will even out naturally. As it stands, Tigers have not made much progress http://forums.mayngames.com/showthread.php?73966.

The choices that a player makes in the game is not within MAYN's control. We want players to have a satisfying experience, and huge part of getting being all warm and fuzzy inside is to know that you have made the right choices and you came out from whichever trying conditions you were, and that you have made a difference.

Lastly, if we intervene directly in this matter, we will be obliged to intervene again in the future. When does it stop, and who will actually be playing the game eventually?

Questions? Comments?

With that, we wrap up another episode of the community blog.

I will be posting my thoughts in short snippets on the latest rumors and happenings in the world of TwleveSky2.

This ‘blog’ will be updated daily and I welcome your contributions and feedback on what you want to hear about for your favorite MMORPG!

Until next time, happy PVPing!

04-20-2012, 10:41 PM
This is true.

Though them kitties might not have numbers, they got the strength to back it up though!