View Full Version : [VGM Event] VGM Defense(Ghost Valley) (24 Feb 2012)

02-24-2012, 09:41 AM

Date: Friday 24 Feb 2012
Time: 1100 GMT
Duration: 1 hour
Event Type: PvP
Map:Ghost Valley
(5x Cp In Ghost Valley during Event)

Event Details:
- VGM Spawns 1 Formation of 6 (VI or V) shields near each Clan's Spawn Point in Ghost Valley
- Clans have 1 hour to destroy all enemy shield formations
- Clans with more shields remaining when times up win the event.

Event Prizes:
- Top 2 clans with highest defending success time: 15 minute Town Monster Spawn.
- Lower 2 clans with lowest defending success time: 10 minute Town Monster Spawn.

Monster Spawn Details:
- MonSpawn in Town for all Clans
- Duration of MonSpawn depends on what rank each Clan wins in the event
- MonSpawn will include
+ Den of Rebirth Bosses (on request)
+ Arions (Adept + Level)
+ Santas (10 per Clan, Spawned 1 by 1 randomly across Town Map)
+ Smaller Monsters for drops / EXP