View Full Version : Welcome to the "Good Bye Forum"

01-17-2012, 11:55 PM
Greetings MAYNGamers,

Welcome to the "Good Bye Forum" this forum was basically made to say good bye

and your farewells to you fellow playmate. and also to keep the General Discussion Forum from

cluttering up and all from goodbye and other unrelated subjects please note that this forum will

only be used for goodbye posts any other unrelated post will evidently be removed please be advised. ..

So from here ..Whether you were a Dragon Tiger, or Snake, whether or not you slayed each other

time and again in the midst of trying to take that stone, whether or not you rallied under your

Clans leader or led the revolt to become one yourself, 12Sky2 will always be a place to remember

you and many others as you departure from us.

Cya Soon.

-MAYN Interactive Team-