View Full Version : help me on how to lvlup faster

04-28-2009, 10:44 AM
can u give me some advice or guides on how to grind faster im lvl 40+ now.... is it good to grind in killing mini boss or mobing mobs?

04-28-2009, 05:25 PM
not really sure depends what u like more running around or spamming pills but i think mob grind is better go to the ice cave bring a lot of those 1 silver pills (for this u need to have aoe the stronger the better but no need to go over lvl 10, and to save room in ur inv put ur pills in the other 2 quick slot rows u change them with X then when u need them u just put 2 or 3 stacks in inv and then in ur main quick slot row i prefer to have 1 row of chi pills and 1 of hp pills) find a nice place (where mobs give good exp on 40+ id say lords or those after them forgot their name, and where there are 4 or 5 of them re spawning) then when they attack u just spam aoe and pot. Its easy even if they do a lot of dmg coz there isn't any moving about and u can use ur mouse hand to spam pots, fast lvling and great drops do i myself have went to the next maps cave at lvl 46. same way of grinding but more exp and more danger. and even if u die now and then u get a lot more exp in between deaths then u lose by dieing. and now that M pills are 1 silver the money u earn is great at lvl 52 im still using them for grind no problem and I even switched to str build instead of the farmers build i had up to lvl 40.

04-29-2009, 07:17 AM

I gained most of my lvl's from single non-aggro but after I got to lvl100 i started boss hunting. Crap loads of items, lvl up super fast.

The only problem is only certain builds really work for boss hunting. Which means VIT/STR will be pretty close to equal stat wise, with a bit more strength just because you have to have enough hp to withstand it's vits and enough str that it doesn't take 1/2 an hour and 20 piles of pills to kill.

I'll say this also, building like this also makes you a monster in PVP. Since restating the other day I've gained about 90 cp's in war easily. I'm hard to kill and kill many even as a lute with this build. Even though this probably works great as a kat build.