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04-25-2011, 06:05 PM
The D12 Rebirth system is a new feature put in place for 100% D12 Warriors looking to further improve their character.

Requirements and Steps to Rebirth

Step 1: Deity 12 warriors must have 10,000 CP and 100% EXP to approach their Faction leader.



Step 2: Approach your Faction Leader and select the "D12 Rebirth" option shown below to become a Reborn Warrior.


Step 3: You will be prompted with a confirmation request to proceed press "Confirm".


Step 4: For each Rebirth, warriors will gain 10 Den of Rebirth Keys


Step 5: Whenever a warrior reaches his 12th Rebirth a clan announcement will be made, stating "Warrior Name Has Reached Rebirth Level 12!".


A) When a warrior is Reborn, his EXP % will be reduced to 0% and 10,000 CP will be consumed
B) Stat points will not be lost, and +95 stat points can be gained by leveling to 100% again.
C) Rebirth can only be repeated up to 12 times

Den of Rebirth

The Den of Rebirth is a single user instance map that can be accessed by Reborn D12s through the Chief Escort. There are 12 Floors, each floor corresponding to each level of Rebirth. (Eg: If you have been Reborn once, you can access Den of Rebirth 1F). Each entry to the Den of Rebirth consumes one Rebirth Key.

The Den of Rebirth will contain 1 Boss Monster, along with a multitude of smaller monster. Reborn Warriors will have 30 minutes to kill a Boss Monster. There can only be one warrior in each floor of the Den of Rebirth at once.

Clan announcements are made according to the outcome of the Reborn Warrior's battle!:

1) Warrior Challenge!: Announcement made when Reborn Warrior enters DoR.
2) Warrior Success!: Announcement made when Reborn Warrior defeat DoR Boss.
3) Warrior Failure!: Announcement made when Reborn Warriors exceeds time limit.

If the Reborn Warrior does not manage to kill the DoR Boss in 30 minutes, he will automatically be ported back to Town. If the Reborn Warrior is killed in the Den of Rebirth, he will respawn in the same location. The Reborn Warrior may use Teleport Scroll or Return Scroll to move to another map at any time.

Den of Rebirth Keys


Only Reborn Warriors may activate Rebirth Keys on their character. Each key is good for one entry (30 min time limit) to the Den of Rebirth.

Rebirth Keys can be obtained via the D12 Rebirth System, or purchased at 200 CP each from Trader Hong in the center of Town. Only D12 Reborn warriors may purchase Rebirth Keys.

Bosses in Den Of Rebirth


Drops and Drop Rates in Den of Rebirth

DoR Boss Monsters have a 10% chance of dropping either the Earth or Sky Box. The Boss Monster will also drop CP Boxes (worth 500 CP each), purses, elixirs and scrolls. Smaller monsters will drop Silver and Renascence/Reduction Sutras.



Rebirth Halo

Upon your rebirth you will notice a new "halo" above your head.