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03-04-2011, 07:25 AM
Greetings MAYN Gamers,

Welcome to our System Events Guide! This guide will provide you with information on our various types of system event!

1) Types of Events
2) What items stack with Events
3) How to tell if an Event is on

1. Types of Events

1) Char EXP
2) Pet EXP
3) Contribution Point
4) PvP EXP
5) Master-Disciple
6) Party EXP
7) Drop Rate
8) No EXP Loss

Events are activated on a per map basis. So:

1) Some events might apply to certain maps only:

a. (Eg: No EXP Loss in Hourly War Maps, EXP Loss on all other Maps).
2) Some maps may have a higher gain system event:

a. (eg: 3x EXP on Piercing City on Saturday 1200 GMT; but 2.5x EXP in Fairy Palace).

2. What Items Stack With Events

Events will always stack with items that give the same bonus. For example, if 2x Char EXP is activated on a map, and you have a Phoenix Pill active on your character, you will receive 4x Char EXP Gain. (Eg: If normally killing a Goblin gives you 1% EXP, you will now receive 4% EXP).

1) Char EXP: Phoenix Tears, Phoenix Pills, Amalgate Pills, Griffin Pills, Golden Pills, Griffin Blood
2) Pet EXP: Druids Pills, Amalgate Pills
3) Contribution Point: Chivalry Talismans, Slayer Scrolls
4) PvP EXP: Heroic Talismans
5) Master-Disciple: None
6) Party EXP: None
7) Drop Rate: Jade Scroll
8) No EXP Loss: Guardian Edict

3) What Items Do Not Stack

In certain cases, the effects of items do not stack with each other. When this happens, only one item timer will decrease while the bonus is active (Eg: Amalgate Pill and Druid’s Pill active, only Amalgate Timer will decrease while grinding).

1) Char EXP: Phoenix Tears, Phoenix Pills
2) Pet EXP: Druids Pills, Amalgate Pills

How To Tell If An Event Is On?

For a schedule of what events are on, you may check the TS2 Event Calendar here: http://www.mayngames.com/event/calendar/1 (http://www.mayngames.com/event/calendar/1)

The current time in GMT is always shown at the bottom of the forum.

But this does not necessarily mean that the event is on! Please check below to see how you can prove that an event is on!

1) Char EXP:

a. Create Level 1 Character
b. Kill Goblin
c. Base Rate: Gain 45.045% L1 EXP
d. +10% Modifier for Possession of Dragonfall Formation

2) Pet EXP

a. 60 exp for 1 mucker
b. 0.001% = 4 mucker
c. 0.002% = 6 mucker
d. 0.003% = 7 mucker
e. 0.004% = 7 mucker
f. 0.005% = 7 mucker
g. 0.006% = 6 mucker
h. 0.007% = 7 mucker
i. 0.008% = 7 mucker
j. 0.009% = 7 mucker
k. 0.01% = 7 mucker

To level up a L1 Pet to 0.01% you’ll need to kill 66 Mucker and from then onwards, 6-7 Mucker for 0.001% EXP increment.

For A1 Pets, you’ll have to kill 2X the number of Mucker for 0.001% EXP increase.
For A15 Pets, you’ll have to kill 4X the number of Mucker for 0.001% EXP increase.
For A30 Pets, you’ll have to kill 8X the number of Mucker for 0.001% EXP increase.

3) Contribution Point

a. Go to Ghost Valley, Kill Someone At Your or Higher Than Your Level
b. Base Rate: Gain 1 CP

4) PvP EXP

a. Base Rate for Killing Same Level Character Shown
b. Base Rate will decrease if you kill character lower level than you
c. Base Rate will increase if you kill character higher level than you

5) Master-Disciple

a. Base Rate: +50% EXP Gain per Monster Kill

6) Party EXP

a. Base Rate: +10% EXP Gain per Monster Kill per Party Member

7) Drop Rate

a. 1 Rare every 1000 Lady Guards killed
b. 1 Unique every 10000 Lady Guards killed

8) No EXP Loss
Players will experience 5% EXP decrease of current EXP when killed by a monster.


Please post any suggestions or improvements for this guide and we will incorporate it in.