View Full Version : [Game Event] Christmas Weekend Event (24 - 28 Dec 2010)

12-23-2010, 01:20 PM
Greetings MAYN Gamers!

To celebrate Christmas 2010, we'll be hosting V/GM Events 2 times a day and Christmas Daily Event! For more details, check our schedule below!

[A] GM Event

GM Event: GM Hide n Seek
Friday 24 December 2010
US Schedule: 0200 - 0300 GMT

VGM Event: VGM Escort
Friday 24 December 2010
EU Schedule Timezone: 0800PM-0900PM GMT

V/GM Event: Monster Invasion
Saturday 25 December 2010
US Schedule Timezone: 2000 - 2100 EST
EU Schedule Timezone: 0400 - 0500 GMT

[B] Christmas Daily Event

Event Schedule

Start: Friday 24 December 2010 0300 AM GMT
End: Monday 28 December 2010 0100 AM GMT

ALL Maps:

- 4x CP
- 2.5x EXP
- 2.5x Pet EXP
- 3x Low Level Maps
- 3x Party
- 3x Drop

Premium Maps:

- 3x EXP
- 3x Pet EXP

*Low Level Maps:
[Dragon Clan] Piercing City, Crystal Waters, Maze of Confusion, Bamboo Crane Woods, Fragrance Village, Concealed Cave, Fortress Of Ghost, Graveyard of the Dead

[Snake Clan] Wandering City, Evergreen Waterfall, Icy Cavern, Frozen Valley, Holy Valley, Tundra Cavern, Holy Caverns, Dragons Tomb

[Tiger Clan] Molten City, Burning Woods, Treasure Mountain, Forlorn Land, Sundrenched Valley, Ruins of Nightmares, Shrine of Nightmares, Flaming Caves

*Premium Maps:

- Taiji Island
- Yinyang Island
- Four Realms Island
- Eight Symbols Island
- Fairy Palace (All Levels)
- Lost Tomb (All Levels)