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My girlfriend told me a story , when she started to play this game: i told her to camp at Lady Guards because i know there are many skill drops... after like 5 hrs of grinding at middle of the night she saw some Ladies removing their masks and their face was full of blood.... she thought is just a bug because of her monitor , but 3 minutes later Ladies was removing their legs! and they was looking just like Pink Ghosts flying and hiting my GF, after 3 minutes my gf's caracter died ... that surprized her becouse she was using 100% def pet... she never died... but her caracter didnt revive... and gost ladys were making a strange sound , like cries sound , after 3 minutes my gf had a power cut at her home , shee looked around no light, nothing but she saw her monitor turned into the image when she was dead and ghost Ladies with red blood from their faces.. that scared her and she ran to another room


i'm sure that u all have heared urban legend about *looks around to check no1 neaar* *whispers so silent that can barely hear and with voice of scare* Banhammer...........i don't know how long i live after i told to u, this like curse, evry1 who have told this or to sum1 told to, all of them have fannished one day and no1 heared about em after that. i've heard that banhammer is mighty weapon whitc can kill any1 and seal then for eternity. There's only one who have been so crazy that tried find out truth behinde this....... and he never came back, few days later ppl all who know about this rumour start to desapear, curse was realieased and now it's free, i'm cursed too..... i've heared rumour that person called Jelly got this hammer, he's brutal, hearthless, mutanted monster who likes to eat humans..... I've discovered where he lives, it's ther............... *Wolf disapears*


This is a story of how a guy died playing 12Sky2 !!!

Once upon a time there was a guy who realy loved 12sky2 since he saw a trailer on YouTube! He downloaded the game ...and when he opened the game he thought he is in another world , he couldnt belive his eyes what he sees!
After he found out how this game needs to be played...what he needs to know ,he locked himself in the room and startd playing day' night! He couldnt leave the game not even for 1sec,he was obsessed!! His friends haven't seen him for like 1month ,so they started to worry about him! They went to him ...and when they wanted to walk in his room , it was not possible coz it was locked
they told him to open the door ,but no answer....they started to scream lauder to open the door...still nothing!
They knew that something happend so they broke the door .They couldn't belive theyr eyes what they are seeing...the guy was sitting on the chair lifeless!
But the computer was still turned on ,and they saw theyr friend character moving himself in the game without beeing controled from the PC ! His soul entered into the character and it was doomed forever!!!


In Piercing city there was a man who lived at the edge of town named Chen,and the neighbours didn't know nothing about him because he was a creepy man.In a day he left out to buy somthing,and on the way he meets Wei.From that day Chen never left the house and neighbours starting to wonder what happend whit him.Late night a neghbour named Xiao came out to look at sky and suddenly sees someone who is walking around the house where theyr neighbor Chen lived and goes to him and greets, but when Chen turns around insted of eyes he hade something black.Since then Xiao never sayed a word in his life.


The story:
When the FEAR comes to get YOU!

- I was running in Ghost Valley, it was really a ghost map. Not a single soul anywhere.
It was peacefull and quite.... I decided to have a campin, sit down eat some cookie and drink tea.
And suddenly the air get cold, my tea runned out of my cute cup the earth started to move under me(my as.s).
I felt something big will happen soon. And suddenly a window poped up whit this text:
*Holy stone Battle has begun*
I stayed up as soon as it was possible but its seemed too late.I looked up and i cloud not believe my eyes.
I saw my death running to me. It was Fearless! His blue tiger was roaring!He was riding it whit his evil smile.
That told me, "You are my next cp" I turned back i was running as fast as i can.
But it was not enough to get away from my death... His huge red spear hitted my back then i just flowned away whit the pain of the 78k vital dmg. After that I didnt respawned at the Imperial Dragons Clan entrance. I was Crused to be an invisible ghost
at my Valley. But i realized i am not alone there. I met many other peoples who shares the same destiny as me. We are crused to be lost souls. Walking in GV and we can never leave it.
Now you know we are there you can not see them but we seeing you.
Whatch out, take care. You can never know what happens. You can be the next!
Remember. When you see Fearless you have to run fast! Faster then me..
From now on you know what really means to get GHOSTED!

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vote for 4

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vote for 4 me too :)

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vote for 2

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Vote for 2, feat the banham

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vote for 2

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i vote for 5 :P:D

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vote for 2 :D

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i vote for 4

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I vote for 4.:D

P.S. The guy in 3. obviusly had a bot running:D

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Vote for Entry 3.

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I vote for 3

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vote for

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Thx Diacon^^

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vote 4

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vote for 4 :)

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as you want wolfster :p
vote for entry 2

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Vote for 5!! :)

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thx lance^^

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vote for 4 and 2

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i vote for 4

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nobody votes me :((

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vote for 2'n'4 *actually..these stories made me lol a little hihihihi except the first one ..that was kinda creepy brrr !!**

10-29-2010, 06:03 AM
vote for 2'n'4 *actually..these stories made me lol a little hihihihi except the first one ..that was kinda creepy brrr !!**

get ingame! i miss youuuuuu o.o

11-03-2011, 05:07 PM
1 was really something in rl that could actuaslly happen... in the middle of the night... with no power...