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05-14-2010, 03:04 PM
[17:56:23] godofwar3: Şİkayetcİyİz
Dear Administrator;

Knight players as we need Turkey server other tribes, as well as on other servers that talk with our friends in the loss of labor that we have given the game from the şikayetciyiz;

1 - Hanpara intake as required and more is to see our effort in this game and spending if we are but how we come through our gift goals that we are away. We want our gifts to arrive on time
2 - İtemlerimizin percent strengthening we want what if about 60% of breaking a complaint report our the Turkish authorities Korean officials that such settings do say well we explain the acquired 12 with a shell, an item How% to the strengthening can not be that settings distort the obvious,
3 - Games for the first time what happened to the GM eventlerine
4 - In-game event calendar must be based on any of the events do not
5 - How oluyoda Hanpara expenditure of our gift bags 300-400 Although we just opened around (light paper, tılsımıvs Merge.) Passes
6 - PvP serverlarıyla tournament but said other countries look at the characteristics of those people we have no item what items will not You are many times more than us to spend more money if they dahamı us as a value greater than people
7 - CP taka from the titles of curiosity why are they still not returned
8 - We exploit the to know that I race We're not in our history have seen your, injustice never a Turk's pro or against him, a gun can not, have to do If you say now that in-game adjustments by the Korean people was made clear in the middle
9 - Other karahan Cp exchange servers for just six months despite our server because we do not?
10 - Why do we buy expensive inns money to other servers?
11 - Why Droplarımız low?

Turkish managers' attention to us only fair to tolerate that we can not this paper, we present biliyoruzki us, you are not, that we in we olmassak do anything not Turkish director about the complaint also then be published this text as soon as possible in English translation as foreign forumlarada will be placed.