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05-10-2010, 03:19 AM

Welcome to the Weekend PVP Tournament, this time round we're catering to the A1 - A20 players!

Where? When?!:

Hall of 4 Winds.
- A1-A20 tournament. Sunday 9 May, 2100-2200 (9pm-10pm) EDT (Catered for US Timezone)

Having problems checking what time the PvP Tournament starts? Check this converter table!

Rules and Guidelines:

- Tournament will be held in Single Elimination format
- Players within the tournament bracket may register on-site
- Players in other level ranges are welcome to spectate
- All match-ups will be 1 vs 1
- Pills are allowed
- Pets are allowed
- Acupoint Hit / Strike is allowed
- Mounts are allowed
- Vanity Costumes are allowed (Gold / Silver Scroll allowed)
- Spectators are NOT allowed to heal competitors
- Competitors will have 30 seconds to buff up after a match-up is announced
- Normal matches will last for up to 180 seconds
- Semi-final and final matches will last for up to 300 seconds
- In the event of a normal match draw, both competitors will be disqualified
- In the event of a semi-final or final match draw, both competitors will get the lower tier prize
- Competitors who do not fight or who purposely force a draw result will be disqualified
- Competitors using game exploits will be disqualified
- Spectators are allowed to use shout / clan chat / whisper / etc to communicate with each other as well as competitors
- Anyone using profanities or attempting harassment in any chat will be kicked and banned
- Match-Ups and Winners of each match will be announced through Clan Announcement (The notice in the upper half, middle of your screen)
- Prizes won will be proportional to the number of matches you have won
- If you win 1 match and are in first place, you will be awarded the 3rd place prize
- If you win 2 matches and are are in first place, you will be awarded the 2nd place prize
- Please come prepared with your gear, pets, mounts, and pills. No re-matches will be entertained


[A1 -A5]
1st: Slob
2nd: simma
3rd: SoulKiller, HardStyle

[A6 - A10]
1st: Zh0uling
2nd: bamb0cha
3rd: XxChojinxX

[A11 - A15]
2nd: Kareshi
3rd: lp19

[A16 - A20]
3rd: RubyBlack


First Prize:
- 2x Reinforce Talisman (SP)
- 2x Kirin Scale

Second Prize:
- 1x Reinforce Talisman (SP)
- 1x Kirin Scale

Third Prize:
- 1x Reinforce Talisman (SP)


- A1 to A20 players may register on-site by appearing at Hall of 4 Winds

Video Event Tie-In:

- Spectators may record the tournament and upload their videos to win prizes! See Director's Cut Special Edition (http://forums.mayngames.com/showthread.php?27806-EVENT-Director-s-Cut-Special-edition-Tournament-Videos) for more information!

05-10-2010, 09:43 AM
Announcing a tournament after it's been done is kinda, useless?? Next time, announce tournaments few days before please, I think many have missed this one + make sure you have someone that actually CAN use the GM shouts.

05-11-2010, 12:17 AM
still no official rule of what happens in the case of a dc/log off.