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03-23-2009, 06:07 PM
Ok guys hey yo im a pro from 1 lol so here i go .... within a few minutes of playing:
i see if we could walk through the NPC not walk around them it would make it feel a lot easier
also When we sit down could we instantly run without standing back up its kinda annoying
one more thing is the health and chi bar thingy i would like it to regenerate even just a lil so i dont have to use items in 1 you could regenerate real quickly ... in here it doesn't even regen ...[/*:m:2yvspf7z]
ok well thats all for now but im sure ill be back ...

03-23-2009, 06:24 PM
lol back again ... its doing great i love the way it plays ... the music lso needs to be lowered or has the option to lower it i love the music ... its just too loud, and the return scolls dont work ... ... i cant take my shoes off lol and if we right click these items it should be removed and replaced like in 12 sky 1 ... try modeling after them ... then add the differences ...besides that i like it alot please get that fixed

03-23-2009, 06:29 PM
I don't agree with the run right after sitting. Think about it. Could you go from sitting to running. You have to stand before you run. The inventory takes some getting use to, but I can just right click the item I want to wear and it swaps just fine.

03-23-2009, 06:35 PM
1. Being a pro doesn't give your suggestions any lean.

2. Off Topic: Aeria isn't related to MAYN at all. Neither is TS1 - TS2. TS2 was designed in a different way, with a few similar functions.

3. If they made the NPCs transparent, it would call for a LOT of bugs. People would experience a lot of problems, and the NPCs might dissapear/not work. Too much work for such a little thing.

4. The reason why we cant run instantly from sitting, is because in this sitting is an emoticon. You only do it for fun. In TS1, sitting regenerated your HP, meaning that some people used it while training, and if they got ambushed, they needed to make a quick getaway, therefore were allowed to run instantly.

5. The Health and Chi Bar don't regenerate a bit of HP, but the Regeneration Skill heals both Chi and HP now, not just Chi. You gotta adjust atleast a little bit. Afterall it is a different game. Just learn to live with it.

6. If you want to take off gear, select and remove it. If you want to equip your gear, you can right click it for quick equip.

7. For Return Scrolls you half to either hold CTRL or Shift when you click them, I forgot which. If a monster is atking you or is running after you, or if you are running, then the scroll won't work. You have to be in a safe spot and your character has to be stationary.