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03-14-2009, 06:38 PM
Hello to all old and possible new members of Myth! I have here a topic I posted on the Myth guild website explaining what's going on:

Hey everyone it's Lanfear! I'm very sorry to have been absent as of late, I've been increasingly busy and have not had time to get on. For those that don't know me, it's great to meet you and I hope we can get to know one another in game Very Happy .

After speaking with Ares for some time and getting an idea of what to expect for TS2, it has been decided (hopefully with your support!) that I will bring Myth back in TS2 open beta in the Snake clan, first server there is. I want to bring the guild back to its former glory, as in the early days of TS1 when it was widely respected and known. I know we have a great number of dedicated members and loving friends looking to get together again and relive the good times and create new memories simultaneously, so I sincerely hope you'll all join when open beta is released in April!

I have played closed beta phase 1, and will test a bit more in phase 2, and have grown accustomed to the changes that have been made from TS1 to TS2 (this game is amazing!). I have a broad range of experience from both games, so I'll always be prepared to help anyone that is in need, and I'll put as much time as I can into the guild provided my real life schedule for the moment. Even if I'm not on for a little, just know it's related to my studies, so everything's all good ;) .

Myth has been my favorite guild since I joined TS1 long ago, and I hope that with all your support and care we can make Myth the respected, powerful, caring, and influential guild it is meant to be come open beta. Thanks for your time, post any thoughts or ideas you might have, and revel in the return of the greatness that is Myth!
That basically says what we stand for and how we operate, so anyone from the old Myth and anyone interested please feel free to post your ideas, questions, and thoughts here, I look forward to working and playing with you all in game!

P.S. We will probably accommodate older members first, meaning let them have "first dibs" on guild spots before other members, only so that we can quickly organize ourselves and develop a tighter community before we allow newer members to join; this would (I hope) make joining the guild more exciting and easy to transition into. Once this changes I'll edit the whole post to reflect any changes in guild policy (and probably get rid of that huge quote since OB would already be underway and the guild would be known about ;) ).

P.S.S. I'd like to request that this topic be moved by admins to the Guild section of the forums once that section has been created :) , much appreciated.