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11-02-2009, 05:43 PM
Greetings Citizens of Ancient China,

Finding ways to use those CP that you have earned during PVP, Merit Exchange or even visiting Apocalyptic Cave?
Here is your chance to greatly improve your characters ability to grow stronger defending you home lands against all odds.

How to Exchange CP?
Guest who wish to exchange their CP with the listed items below, are simply required submit a ticket titled: "CP Exchange Event"
Listing out the following details in the ticket Account name, Character name, Item and CP Cost.

Do not that if the Item CP Cost is more then your character's owned CP, your ticket will be rejected.

Players are not allowed to add up multiple characters' CP and request for a single item.

Players who were found exploiting, cheating or using hacks would be permanently banned from the game.

CP Exchange Table:
20000 Elite Cape
20000 Reinforce Any Item to 120%
20000 Mystic Dragon
18000 Azure Magpie
17000 Choice of 1 Elite Weapon
15000 Crown Seahorse
14000 Random Elite Armor at your level
13000 Random Elite Ring or Necklace at your level
12000 Random Elite Gloves or Shoes at your level
10000 Reinforce Any Item to 99%
5000 Sky Clan Return to HOME Clan (Valid until December Only)
5000 Skill of your choice
4000 +10% Pet EXP to equipped Pet
3000 Heart Elixir
2500 +5% Pet EXP to equipped Pet
2500 Snow Elixir
2000 +3% Pet EXP to equipped Pet
1500 Reinforce Rare or Below by 12% Up to 90%
1000 Prized Purse
750 +1% Pet EXP to equipped Pet
500 Reinforce Rare or Below 6% Up to 81%

Thank you!