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The Race for Survival!!

It was a beautiful day as Terekk from the Dragon clan woke and ate a light breakfast before emerging from his home to see a note posted to his door. What was this? He looked at his front door reading the note quickly, scarcely believing his eyes before stepping back out from his porch looking from home to home in his village. This was unheard of, it seemed that every member of his village had a similar note nailed to their doors also!

The village must evacuate? They were to be invaded? No, he shook his head angrily. No, not while he was a warrior. He touched his hand to his side, feeling for his trusted marble weapon before spinning around and grabbing the note off the door in one effortless motion. He smiled at his own speed and grace born of many years of sacrifice and training.

While other people became potters, and builders or farmers, Terekk chose to devote his every waking hour to the study of martial arts and it was something he took great pride in. The note felt heavy in his hand and he opened it as a soft summer breeze blew through the village causing the grass to move as the note began to move and then softly was tossed into the air as Terekk turned his head watching.

Closing his eyes, he sensed the currents of the air all around him, touching his face, gently blowing through his hair. His mind sensed and felt the mechanics of the air all around then and with his eyes still closed he ran forwards moving swiftly as he dashed after the note, somersaulting in the air as he snatched it away from the summer breeze, as he landed before leaping once more upwards into the air, revolving and turning three hundred and sixty degrees his head twisting as he fell back towards the ground, landing in a graceful almost effortless motion.

Slowly he opened his eyes, looking at the note grasped in his left hand.

A little girl watching from across the village laughed and began clapping as he landed and stood still, breathing a little faster with his efforts of moments before. Now that is truly the mark of the greatest marble dragon to ever reside in this fair land he thought to himself as he bowed waving to the little girl before walking back home. no, his village would not need to evacuate, he would go into the great lands beyond and meet these monsters as they arrived. He would call his brethren to him and as a faction they would meet and defeat this great menace before they had a chance to mount an attack. His anger caused his face to flush as he read the note once more.

To all people of the Twelve Sky world! Flee your homes and never return! The great monster lords will suffer you living on their lands no more.

Tigers, Dragons, Snakes, it does not matter, all will perish before the great monster lords. You will all be swept up in our hatred and loathing of humankind, and you will perish before our mighty weapons.

If you want to survive you may meet us in battle and die an honourable death! But beware! You must remove each foul beast you encounter in a timely manner, for each monster shall not stop until you or the monster is dead!

Should you Fail humans, then know that you will die to repay the debt that you owe the great monster lords, the debt that you have created by living on their lands for so long! Flee! And you will be spared. Stay and you will DIE.

Terekk stared once more at the note in his hand knowing with great pride that his clan leader Kunisan wouldn't be able to turn down such a challenge. Even as he knew that, he also knew that it was up to him to rally his house, his village and all of his friends and every chipmunk in the land to help Kunisan accomplish this monumental task, for he knew it would take a multitude of people working together to accomplish such a feat! There would be no evacuation, no retreat and no surrender.

They would win, they had to!

Quest: At a specific time announced by GM's every clan member shall start on foot at the entrance of each map. Upon reaching the entrance a demon king will spawn and teleport at different parts of the map in an effort to confuse and attack 12sky players so the monsters may defeat and overwhelm them. It's up to the players to run to those areas and defeat all monsters they find in the hope they may remove the monster king and stop this menace before everyone perishes!

GM's and VGM's will monitor the action and the participants to ensure fair play is adhered to. The first 5 surviving players from ONE faction to survive the monster spawn and reach the monster king (GM) will be the winners! Beware as you get close to the monster king, they may teleport elsewhere for safety. Pursue them at all costs and win for your faction!

Remember! Should you encounter other faction members getting to the monster king before you, you may destroy them, after all you want to be the winners don't you??? Destroy all other factions! Destroy all monsters! Let your faction rule above all! Monster killers and winners extroadinaire!

Destroy all monsters and twelvesky will be spared! Fail to do this and the faction will fall! Win for your faction! Let none survive!


This Event takes place today at 1900 GMT. And will be repeated later on for any players who miss this epic contest and struggle for life against death.