View Full Version : Good Bye xSoulBane & xShadowNight

07-17-2014, 12:35 AM
Farewell Guys,

It was a fun time battling, making friends, and arguing with you all.
Unfortunately my brother xShadowNight was Banned for a crime he did not commit.
It was my duty to ensure his account security and im afraid i have failed...

Since support can not help us, and refuses to find out if his account was hacked and framed
Im afraid I, xSoulBane will be reluctantly quitting as well. Don't see the point in continuing
if I cant play w/ my bro.

While i was not looking forward to quit anytime soon, the lack of interest and enthusiasm in support
made it that much so, that I am unwilling to further spend money in the ts2 community.
With that being said. Im not sure if this post will be taken down or if anyone really cares for that matter.
Just thought If anyone was wondering in the future why I quit.

Big shout out to DevilsShadow, FeedMeMore, SystemErrors. Pretty cool ppl. (Dragon)

Well... Later Soldiers...