View Full Version : [Announcement] Winter Assault Grand Slam Winners (26 Feb - 23 Mar 2014)

03-24-2014, 07:56 AM

Hello Mayn Gamers,

We have made draw between people, who reached above 42 points during our Winter War Slam. Characters who has won grand slam prizes are listed below.


RastaCool -> 1 x Black Feather
DonSanchez -> 1 x 0-7 +2 Smelt Ticket
mondy -> 1 x Mayn Coupon
smalltits -> 1 x White Feather

Not: White Feather, Black Feather, MAYN Coupon rewards have been sent. Smelt Ticket winner must send ticket to get his reward.

Sample Ticket :

Title: War Event Grand Prize
Character name: Aragorn
item to refine: Violet Armor refine 7