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  2. on the GM' pls Create a German Forum
  3. German Forum ?
  4. a Voting on Manyngames for a German Forum and a German/English speeking GM
  5. Irish Flag ?
  6. Irish Flag Signature
  7. Site para brasileiro
  8. Country Colours :D
  9. Want an Australian Flag Signature ?
  11. This game needs to have some serious cross-hair extension for AD AD spam!
  12. [Auction House] How it should be define & implement
  13. When could we...
  14. Fix "titanium" drop chance
  15. [CC Launcher & Server] How I wish it could be in the future.
  16. bronze coins
  17. Regenerative Auto Injector and Howl - Discussion
  18. Serums with Infinite Duration
  19. Remove Deserter in Nightime (EU)
  20. Groups vs Random Team - Discussion
  21. Nerf Sigma SMG
  22. Improve Southcanal Spillway Map please
  23. What is the Difference between Spotlight and Abyss?
  24. [Class] Quality Setting
  25. Add Female Card Skins
  26. Pistol Animation
  27. Bring back non-noob-shock grenade
  28. [Class] Refund Option
  29. Liquid Armour and Liquid Helmet
  30. Wishlist for things to come.
  31. Gang clubs.
  32. PvE Raid content.
  33. Kick Vote System - A MUST HAVE FOR THIS GAME
  34. New Weapon Concept Designs
  35. An idea for economy
  36. Female counterparts to Card Sets
  37. Make sell back option for class.
  38. Great Idea?
  39. Small question about Custom Clothing styles
  40. Suggestions.
  41. Assault Rifle
  42. Make Knife Jump an Ability?
  43. [FAKE] [Announcement] Jericho realm is back offline!
  44. Ideas arround new players introduction to CC
  45. Chimera/EDF Meta
  46. Like to see more premium gang logo's
  47. some feedback and suggestions
  48. shooters why always military based
  49. local area network(lan) playing mode
  50. Display the status of servers on the launcher.
  51. New idea?
  52. Concede System
  53. Are the boosts that are rarely/never used going to be balanced in the next patch?
  54. Headhunt on Extreme Hard
  55. New MAP or game mode
  56. Territory Glitch?
  57. CrimeCraft needs more Melee
  58. gift moken..
  59. General discussion about lowering resists in CC
  60. Facing bug in Reinold Museum
  61. Time-limited return of bought and binded items
  62. Long Long wall of text! Ideas/suggestions to build fan base and "funability!"
  63. Option to avoid 2vs2 situation in Random Queue
  64. Production Tab
  65. Change mission requirement for Climb The Ladder
  66. Change Desensitization AUG
  67. Change Corrosive Rounds Drawback
  68. Scenario: Branding an innocent.
  69. We need a Re-enter battle option
  70. Bug? -> Knife jump can be performed at 0% stamina
  71. A few suggestions in regards to PVE maps
  72. Character Names
  73. christmas
  74. Class Profiles
  75. server shutdpwn time
  76. FPS view
  77. Add the possible of recording demo
  78. Essence Of Ego
  79. otros medios de pago para chile
  80. Save the game
  81. lobby time
  82. Suggestion: Turrets
  83. CS/UT/Quake Sounds on Crimecraft!?
  84. New Trend for Ragequitters in Tournaments
  86. Boost Vendors
  87. New MK (loot scavender tool) inspiration
  88. HHT (and SFG) in SP
  89. Missed opportunity
  90. Essence of pack
  91. Overpower
  92. A new shooting feature for the game (food for thought)
  93. Money vault tab
  94. New Tourny Mode
  95. Bound to account
  96. DIvision 1 Tournament System
  97. Improve EDF or lower C4 radius
  98. Mailing from ATM
  99. Buff EDF or nerf the dazzling set
  100. Proposal
  101. Feature Suggestion: Edit Crafting Formulas Etc
  102. Change items gender
  103. New crafting recipes for tailor and chemist
  104. classes and guns or clothes in general
  105. Class Token
  106. Shock Grenade - Gamebreaking change suggestion
  107. Essence of Ego
  108. EDF needs a buff
  110. passive skills
  111. Can a Dev read this, request , also question
  112. Is it possible to add a music player in this game?
  113. Music in game
  114. Tournament boost only in battle.
  115. not enough lottery