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  1. deutsche Forum?
  2. [Bound Item] How it should be define & implement
  3. [Custom Clothing] How we wish it was implement.
  4. Concerning Classes (Warning: Wall of Text)
  5. Terminator Class: Brainstorming and Suggestions (Wall of text)
  6. Wall-of-Text Episode II: Assassin Class
  7. Wall-of-Text Episode III: Death Dealer Class
  8. Wall-of-Text Episode IV: Outlaw, Bombardier and Defender
  9. First Person mode and Shotguns
  10. Territory wars (timing)
  11. Score Reward for Game Modes
  12. Concerning Warmup
  13. Visible diferentiaton of items in BM/AH/Coin vendor lists
  14. Inactive Gang Buff Slots
  15. [Custom Clothing] Public Wish List
  16. CC music files
  17. The new mode of payment...
  18. Expand PVE
  19. Suggestions for Forums
  20. [Ability Suggestion] Proximity Mines (buff)
  21. [Ability Suggestion] Enhanced Endurance (buff)
  22. [Classes Suggestion] Assassin Class
  23. [Classes Suggestion] Sniper Class
  24. [Classes Suggestion] Kamikaze Class
  25. [Boost Suggestion] Change Liquid Stone
  26. Seaseon 2 classes? (new classes)
  27. Function to remove enhancement
  28. Sudden Death
  29. Daily's need to be better mixed.
  30. get rid of the level restriction for entering main area!!
  31. Steamgifts
  32. [Bound items] Account bound items
  33. Clothes sets improvements and not only
  34. Staff devs, everyone read this
  35. [Important] Nerf Resists and Body Shot.
  36. [Suggestion] Change Boost Effects
  37. nerf shock?
  38. bringing people into the game
  39. Improve premium/deluxe subsciptions
  40. Improve Matchmaking (considering low population finally)
  41. Gang Buffs
  42. This needs to be added ASAP DEVS
  43. New maps
  44. New server
  45. Devs can you answer these questions with a yes , no or possible
  46. Weapon Clipping and Makeup
  47. DEVs anwser
  48. error
  49. Next update or next map
  50. Dont let newbies play against high level players !!!!
  51. Rewards for territories
  52. Flashbangs
  53. Save Max. durability AUG. Everybody need it.
  54. next update
  55. Listen up