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  1. [Official Poll] Secondary Password System
  2. [Official Poll] Increase Auto-Hack Monster Limit?
  3. [Official Poll] Enable In-Game Moken Gifting?
  4. [Official Poll] R0-R6 War Type
  5. [Official Poll] Christmas Event Buffs (1 Dec 2011)
  6. [Official Poll] VGM Events
  7. [Feedback] Sky Rollback Feedback (10 Feb 2012)
  8. [Official Poll] Activate Drop Rate Events (Implemented)
  9. [Official Poll] Increase EXP Loss Days (Insufficient Votes)
  10. [Official Poll] Sky Clan Base Clan Change? (Insufficient Votes)
  11. [Official Poll] Increase Skill Points Cash Item? (Insufficient Votes)
  12. [Official Poll] Forum Auction Service? (Insufficient Votes)
  13. [Official Poll] Rare & Elite Gear Unseal To 126%? (Insufficient Votes)
  14. [Official Poll] Increase GV CP? (Insufficient Votes)
  15. [Official Poll] CP to CP Tickets Exchange? (Implemented)
  16. [Official Poll] Skillbook Conversion To Choice Of Clan? (Insufficient Votes)
  17. [Official Poll] Maya Cliff Time to MG Time Conversion? (Insufficient Votes)
  18. [Official Poll] D1/A33 Characters To De-level To A33 0%? (Implemented)
  19. [Official Poll] Allow Skill Extraction? (Implemented)
  20. [Official Poll] Activate Exp Loss on Monday - Friday? (9-16 Apr)
  21. [Official Poll] Allow Elixir Extraction Using Cash Item Extract? (Implemented)
  22. [Official Poll] Skillbook Type Conversion? (11-18 Apr 2012)
  23. [Official Poll] VGM reset shields 1hr before of HSB? (1-8 June 2012)
  24. [Official Poll] Remove Star Reflection From TS2? (10-24 Jul 2012)
  25. [Official Poll] Resume Cross Clan Transfer Service? (13-20 Jul 2012)
  26. [Official Poll] Iron Spamming at PvP Tournament